2015 ends with a suicide attempt.

Boat launched : D-Class

Date : Sunday 27 December

Launched at : 22:18

Returned at : 23:15

Weather : SSE F4 wind, mild for late Dec but sea temperature around 10 C

The lifeboat was asked by UK Coastguard to go and stand by, close to Hayling Bridge, as a man was threatening to jump off into a fairly cold sea. The new D-class lifeboat ‘Jacob‘ was launched, but on its way up the harbour was informed by VHF radio that the man had jumped, closely followed by a police officer. The two men were carried by the tide to the W side of the bridge where they were able to cling onto a mooring buoy. The police officers colleague then threw them a lifebelt, and using the attached line pulled them both into the shore. So when the lifeboat arrived they were ashore and the casualty was being escorted back to the Ship Inn, so the lifeboat crew looked after the wet, cold, policeman. An ambulance arrived shortly after this and the casualty was taken to hospital, so the lifeboat was then stood down and returned to the station.


Service Numbers 2019

Total Launches: 84
Atlantic 85: 42
D-Class: 42

Services Totals

2015 - 67
2014 -77
2013 - 86
2012 - 77

Tide Times
Tide Times & Heights for Chichester Harbour (Entrance) onThursday, 04 March 2021
High Tide:02:46 ( 4.80m )
Low Tide:08:11 ( 0.80m )
High Tide:15:05 ( 4.60m )
Low Tide:20:35 ( 0.90m )
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