Joint rescue by RNLI Lifeboats saves yacht with sails in a twist.

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Saturday 27 June

Launched at : 17:25

Returned at : 19:05

Weather : Fine and bright with a SW F4/5 wind

'Mojito' safe in Sparkes Marina

‘Mojito’ safe in Sparkes Marina

A competitor in the Round the Island Race on Saturday 27 June got into trouble when its spinnaker control lines got tangled round the sail and also round the propeller and rudder. It was rescued by the Selsey and Hayling Island RNLI Lifeboats and brought to safety in Chichester Harbour.

The UK Coastguard contacted Hayling RNLI asking for assistance as the Selsey Lifeboat had the Dufour 365 yacht ‘Mojito’,’ in tow, since the spinnaker had got out of control and the ropes tangled round the rudder were making it constantly want to steer to port. Selsey Lifeboat could not tow her into the harbour in this state so the Hayling Atlantic 85 was launched and once on scene put a crew member on board to rig a line back to the Atlantic. Then the two lifeboats, with Selsey towing and Hayling acting as a drogue, slowing the yacht and keeping it on course, were able to bring her into safer water.

In the harbour they were met by the Harbour Patrol Vessel and an attempt to ‘unwrap’ the spinnaker lines by turning the boat through the wind was made but with no success. The rescue boats then took ‘Mojito’ to a visitors mooring off HISC to create a more stable platform and with the aid of a bosuns chair a crew member was hoisted up the mast and was able to drop the spinnaker.

The Selsey Lifeboat returned to its base and the Hayling Lifeboat rigged an alongside tow and took the yacht into Sparkes Marina where Hayling Rescue crewman dived to try and release the fouled propeller. This proved impossible so all rescue boats left her safely secured and were stood down. A fairly long and involved rescue had proved a relief to the crew of four whose race ended earlier than expected, but with no injuries or further problems other than how to get home and how to get the rope off the prop!


Service Numbers 2019

Total Launches: 84
Atlantic 85: 42
D-Class: 42

Services Totals

2015 - 67
2014 -77
2013 - 86
2012 - 77

Tide Times
Tide Times & Heights for Chichester Harbour (Entrance) onThursday, 04 March 2021
High Tide:02:46 ( 4.80m )
Low Tide:08:11 ( 0.80m )
High Tide:15:05 ( 4.60m )
Low Tide:20:35 ( 0.90m )
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