Busy day for lifeboat crews

D-boat crew rescue windsurfer

On Sunday 28 April Portsmouth Atlantic 85 lifeboat joined the two Hayling island lifeboats in a joint exercise. Volunteer crew from both RNLI Stations became casualties for the day and presented various problems to the rescuing crews.  The day started with a ‘sailor’ on his boat in Mill Rythe with a nasty broken leg. He was carefully treated and splinted to bring him back on the lifeboat and then transferred to the shore crew to continue treatment. He said later that the way the crew dealt with him was excellent.

Almost too soon after this for any relaxation the crews were called out to go and investigate a life raft with seriously ill casualties two miles south of the Beacon. On arrival it was found that there had been 8 on board the yacht but only 7 were in the life raft and one of these was beyond help. Others were unconscious and hypothermic and so all three lifeboats were involved in dealing with this major issue. One lifeboat immediately started a search for the missing crew member and continued to do so for some time using standard search techniques. Casualties were treated at the scene and transferred to lifeboats who took them back to shore for further treatment. Once again the crews were seen to use good judgment and appropriate first -aid techniques in dealing with this complex issue, and we are pleased that ‘Fred’ was found in the water and rescued.

Finally a windsurfer (pictured) with severe hypothermia was rescued from the harbour and brought ashore again using standard practice for slow warming and recovery.   She too praised the work of the crew.

All this happened under the eyes of observers who looked both on the water and ashore for the right actions and for any lessons to learn,and this was fed back to the crews immediately after the boats had all returned. Portsmouth Operations Manager praised the Hayling Station for it’s efficient management of a creative exercise and especially the work of crew member Jamie Bray from Hayling who masterminded this event. He also said how valuable it had been for all involved and how much had been learnt.


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Total Launches: 84
Atlantic 85: 42
D-Class: 42

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2015 - 67
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Tide Times & Heights for Chichester Harbour (Entrance) onSunday, 25 July 2021
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