Services 2016

2016 Services

Collision between two RIBs

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Tuesday 26 July

Launched at :16:45

Returned at : 18:00

Weather : F4 SW wind and fine.

After a windsurfing competition 10 young people were returning to Thorney Island Sailing Club on 3 RIBs. On passing W Pole Beacon the first RIB turned South but the second RIB continued East being hidden by waves from the first RIB.  The two collided and the 4 crew on the first RIB all ended up in the water. The helm on the second RIB made a Mayday call for assistance and the Atlantic 85 was launched  and reached the scene to find all 4 casualties were out of the water. The first RIB was damaged and so left anchored and all of the crews from the 3 RIBS were taken to Sparkes Marina to be met by the Hayling Lifeboat’s paramedic. Because of a delay in getting an ambulance to the Island the Rescue Helicopter was tasked but an ambulance arrived before the helicopter. Three were injured and they were taken to hospital and after a debrief at the Lifeboat Station the remaing 7 crew involved were transported back to Thorney Island by minibus.


Yacht snags its lifting keel on sandbank.

Boats launched : Atlantic 85

Date: Wednesday 20 July

Launched at : 01:00

Returned at : 02:10

Weather : Fine with F6 E wind

A 45ft yacht was anchored in Chichester Harbour and made a Mayday call when it found that it had dragged its anchor and caught the lifting keel on a sandbank. The lifeboat found the yacht off Stocker Lake and unable to raise the lifting keel. A crew member went onboard to secure a tow and as the yacht was gently pulled off the bank the skipper managed to raise the keel. Once in deeper water the yachts engine was started and the tow slippped. Because of the night conditions and the skipper still recovering from an eye operation, the lifeboat escorted the casualty to safety in Sparkes Marina,where they were met by the Coastguards.



Assisting the police with a man in the water.

Boats launched : Atlantic 85 and D-Class

Date : Monday 27 June

Launched at : 22:10

Returned at : 23:05

Weather : Cold NW F3 wind and almost dark.

Solent Coastguard asked us to assist the police in reaching a man who had gone ito the water, still cold due to the unseasonable weather, off Shore Road, West Wittering. We reached the  scene in 10 minutes but found that the police had coaxed him out of the water and so our late night rescue, and his late night swim ended with no-one harmed.


Jet-Ski in trouble

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 26 June

Launched at : 18:10

Returned at : 18:38

Weather : Fine but F4 West wind creating  moderate surf.

Solent Coastguard called us to help a broken down jet-ski off the Inn on the Beach Restaurant. The Atlantic 85 crew found the jet-ski and owner, who was in some distress on the beach.  A crew member went ashore and helped to set up a tow for the jet-ski and then the owner was able to go to his car unaided. The lifeboat towed the jet-ski to the station where the owner met them with his trailer.  Members of the crew helped recover the craft onto the trailer and the grateful owner drove home.


New boat owners run aground late in the evening.

Boats launched : Atlantic 85 and D-boat.

Date : Sunday 12 June

Launched at : 20:55

Returned at : 23:00

Weather : Dry and with light SE wind

Following a MAYDAY call we went to Mengham Rythe in Chichester Harbour, where we found two young men in a RIB that they had bought earlier in the afternoon. They were in light clothing and with no lifejackets.  Hayling Rescue was also in attendance but could not get close so a crewmember went the 100 yards across the mud to the vessel. It was decided, as the casualties were cold, to launch the Atlantic 85 to bring the cot stretcher and blankets to transfer the casualties over the mud. This was acheived and the RIB secured and the two men were taken to the Lifeboat Station where they were met by the Coastguards.


Distress call not an emergency !

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 5 June

Launched at : 23:37

Returned at : 00:36

Weather : Calm and clear with F2 SE wind

Responded to a call from a motor vessel moored at E Head whose crew were in distress.  The Atlantic 85 was soon at the boat and discovered 4 crew on board who had been having a convivial evening. When they came to leave they could not find the keys to the boat. We set up an  alongside tow and took them into Sparkes Marina where they were met by the coastguard.



Lifeboat responds to a medical emergency

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Friday 5 June

Launched at : 23:40

Returned at : 00:12

Weather : Fine with a F3 NE wind

We responded to a call to assist a casualty on board his yacht in the Itchenor Reach and found a 70 year old yachtsman in considerable pain and needing hospital treatment.  We took him on board and went as arranged to meet an ambulance at Bosham Quay. On arrival however the Coastguards informed us that no ambulance was immediately available.  The helm of the lifeboat decided to take the man to the Hayling Lifeboat Station where our paramedic could give treatment and await the ambulance. On arrival the paramedic gave medical help and decided that the need to get to hospital was urgent so he, together with another crew member, took the casualty to hospital.  The yachtsman was kept in overnight and the next day was well enough to be able to meet his crew, who had sailed the yacht back to their home port.



Sad end to a weekend visit.

Boats launched : Atlantic & D-Class

Date : Saturday 14 May

Launched at : 07:00

retruned at : 0750

Weather : fine

Hayling Island Lifeboats responded to a call from the UK Coastguard to attend a 57 year old local man having a suspected heart attack on his yacht moored at E Head in Chichester Harbour

Both lifeboats were launched taking a de-fibrillator (AED) with them, arriving to find an NHS para-medic and a Community 1st responder on board. The Search and Rescue helicopter was also overhead. RNLI crew went on board with the AED and under the supervision of the NHS para-medic gave CPR to the casualty for some period inc. the use of the AED. Once the casualty was more stable he was transferred to the Harbour Patrol Launch and taken ashore, where further CPR was given by an NHS Emergency Crash team and the RNLI crew. After an hour of trying the casualty was sadly pronounced dead at the scene and was taken away by the NHS team.

Our thoughts are with the family of the casualty, some of whom were on the yacht with him, and this service, a week after we celebrated 100 years of life saving, is particularly upsetting.


Two crew capsize their yacht tender.

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Friday 17 April

Launched at : 19:13

Returned at : 20:01

Weather : Dry but with a cold NW F4 wind.

The Atlantic 85 Lifeboat responded to a call from the UK Coastguard that two men were asking for help from on board the vessel ‘Phanton of Cromond’ at anchor off Bosham Quay. The lifeboat crew found two cold and wet men on board the yacht having moored the vessel and then capsized their dinghy whilst returning to the shore. They had both swum back to the yacht and got on board but had lost the yacht keys and so were unable to change or warm up. They had also lost the rowlocks from the tender.

The lifeboat crew checked the casualties and confirmed that they did not needed medical help for hypothermia, so took them and their tender ashore and back to their vehicle. The crew then returned to the lifeboat station.


Catamaran adrift off Hayling.

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Wednesday 13 April

Launched at : 07:15

Returned at : 08:33

Weather : Calm and fine morning with a SW F1 wind.

The Atlantic 85 was launched in response to a UK Coastguard request to investigate a partically sunken catamaran 1 mile east of the Nab Tower. A passing fishing boat had reported it there. The lifeboat found the vessel, a blue and white hulled catamaran, with one hull under the water and the other partially submerged.  A thorough search of the area found no crew, but a report from a passing boat was that a similar catamaran had been seen being towed out of Chichester Harbour the  previous day.  The UK Coastguard issued a PAN PAN call to try and contact the towing vessel but with no response.

The lifeboat crew considered trying to right the casualty but felt that might cause her to sink and on checking the track she was making decided that there was no danger to shipping, so with no obvious lives at risk the craft was abandoned. The Coastguard was advised of her position and the lifebaot returned to base.



Kayakers rescued

Boats launched : Atlantic 85 and D-Class

Date : Saturday 2 April

Launched at : 14:30

Returned at : 15:15

Weather : Fine with a F3 SE wind

We were asked by UK Coastguard to go to assist two kayakers, reported as in trouble just off W Wittering Beach in the  mouth of Chichester Harbour.  Both lifeboats were launched in case the D-Class was needed for inshore work.  The Atlantic 85 arrived first and searched the area but found no kayakers in difficulties so went along the Wittering shoreline.  Further along the shore they found two kayaks and their crew, tired after battling the wind. The two were taken aboard the lifeboat and the kayaks towed behind as they went back to the lifeboat station. The D-Class lifeboat, not now needed, also returned. Once ashore the kayakers were looked after by the Shore Crew and checked that they were OK and they then carried on paddling to their destination in the harbour.


Searay Sports Boat with engine trouble

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Saturday 12 march

Launched at : 14:40

Returned at : 16:40

Weather : Foggy with a light SW F2 wind

UK Coastguard asked us to go to a power boat with engine failure in the Thorney Channel. The Atlantic 85 was launched and found the casualty, a Searay Sports boat with 6 occupants and a dog. They had anchored and after a conversation with UK Coastguard it was agreed that we would tow them back to Chichester Marina as the engine still would not start. Once safely back the lifeboat returned to its station.


‘Cocklers’ boat aground at Pilsey.

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Thursday 10 March

Launched at : 18:10 and then 19:30

Returned at : 18:33 and 21:10

Weather : Cold but dry, with a NW F3 wind

The D-Class Lifeboat ‘Jacob’ was launched in response to a Coastguard call reporting an open fishing boat aground on Pilsey Sands in Chichester Harbour, with two crew out of the boat on the mud.  They were soon spotted and asked if they needed help. They were shellfish picking and said they were fine, but the lifeboat crew checked that they had adequate clothing and buoyancy aids as the night was drawing in. They agreed they were okay and would wait for the tide to refloat them. The lifeboat returned to the station and refuelled, then later on went back to the casualty as the tide returned and stood by till they were afloat, with engine running, and able to get back to Emsworth where the boat was moored. The lifeboat the returned to the station for the second time.


First ‘shout’ of 2016.

Boats Launched : Atlantic 85 and D-Class

Date :  Sunday 25 January

Launched at :  15:28

Returned at : 16:25

Weather : Cold but reasonable and with a F3 SW wind.

Both Lifeboats were launched at the request of UK Coastguard to assist a power boat with total electrical failure at the top of Chichester Harbour and to the East of Langstone Bridge. It was 4 hours after high tide and so the Atlantic 85 was sent for speed to reach the casualty, and the D-Class in case she was in shallow water. The faster lifeboat proved able to reach the power boat and took her under tow, so the D-Class ‘Jacob’ returned to the station. The power boat was taken to Northney Marina and moored alongside a pontoon.  The Atlantic 85 then also returned to the Lifeboat Station.



Service Numbers 2019

Total Launches: 84
Atlantic 85: 42
D-Class: 42

Services Totals

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2014 -77
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