Services 2013

2013 Services

Tender loose in Fishery Creek

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Tuesday 31 December

The Atlantic 85 was launched following a report of a blue boat tender loose in Fshery Creek and with no-one visible onboard. This was quickly found and checked out but with no sign of having been recently used and with no identification. It was tethered to a pontoon in the creek in the hope that its owner would find it.


Search for a missing lady.

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Wednesday 18 December

Launched at : 13:57

Returned at : 15:40

Weather : Cloudy with a F6-7 S wind

Solent Coastguard paged the Hayling RNLI to request that we launch to join the Portsmouth Lifeboat and Police Helicopter in a search at the Eastern end of Hayling Bay following a report of a female dressed in a pink dressing gown possibly entering the water off Beachlands.

The Lifeboat once on scene started a parallel search to the beach.   During this search the Police helicopter was stood down by the Police control and the Coastguard helicopter was tasked. After an extensive search of the area and nothing having being found the search was called off and all units returned to their stations. ________________________________________________________________________

Vessel aground sits out the tide

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : 14 December

Launched at : 22:30

Returned at : 23:00

Weather : A dark wet night with a F5 SSW wind.

Solent Coastguard asked us to assist a fishing boat aground East of Thorney Island. Once on scene we set up a tow and began trying to pull the boat off, but as the vessel was hard aground it was not possible. The skipper agreed to sit out the tide and the lifeboat returned to station.


Towel and shoes found on the beach !

Boat diverted : D-Class

Date : 28 November

Weather : Cold and sea temperature low.

Whilst returning from the previous incident (see below) the lifeboat was again diverted and called to investigate a possible similar situation (suicide?) at West Wittering beach. A towel and shoes had been found on the beach but there was no sign of any person. Before the lifeboat reached the scene however the owner of the items had been found by the Selsey Coastguard Mobile Unit. The lifeboat returned to the station having taken the RNLI assessor on two real incidents.


Lady tries to commit suicide

Boat on exercise : D-class

Date : 28 November

Diverted at : 17:16

Weather : Cold and with a NNW F3 wind

The D-class was out on exercise with an assessor and was at the West end of Hayling Bay when it was asked to go into Langstone Harbour to a position in Locks Lake off the Thatched House Pub . A lady was in the water and thought to be suicidal. The Portsmouth Lifeboat was also being launched. The Portsmouth Lifeboat reached the scene first and immediately asked for assistance in recovering the person from the water as she was not breathing. One of the Hayling crew went into the water and gave first aid assistance with Portsmotuh to the casualty succeeding in in opening her airway. She began breathing again but she was drifiting in and out of consciousness and so the two crews took her the short distance to the shore where an ambulance was waiting.

The Hayling Lifeboat then returned to the assessment but was diverted to another incident………..(See above)




Motor boat aground

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : 16 November

Weather : Fine and light winds

The Atlantic 85 was asked to help a motor boat that had gone aground on E Winner bank. On arrival the water was too shallow for the lifeboat to approach so a crew member waded across to the vessel and helped to put out a kedge anchor. As the casualty was close to the Portsmouth Lifeboat Station they were alerted to stand by when the tide rose and to make sure the yacht was sound and OK.



Channel 16 blocked

Boat on exercise : Atlantic 85

Date : 13 November

Weather : Fine and light wind

Whilst out on exercise the lifeboat was diverted to a yacht in the Thorney Channel with it’s VHF constantly transmitting and so blocking Channel 16. The yacht was identified and the skipper alerted to the problem. He immediately found that the send microphone button was stuck and was able to free it. The Atlantic 85 then resumed its exercise.


Fishing boat with no engine

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : 26 October

Launched at : 12:22

Returned at : 13:05

Weather : SW F5 wind

A fishing boat was stuck on Pilsey Sands with a failed engine and having lost it’s auxillary outboard engine which had fallen off the transom. the Atlantic 85 was launched, reached close to the vessel and a crew member walked across to the fishing boat, recovered their outboard and passed a tow line to pull them off the bank into deeper water. An alongside tow was rigged and the boat taken to Sparkes Marina.



Rib needs a tow home

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Friday 25 October

Launched at : 19:00

Returned at : 19:50

Weather : Fine but with a F4 SSW Wind

Solent Coastguard asked us to go to assist a 10.5 m rib with engine failure some 200yards from its home port Northney Marina. The Coastguard had already tried other vessels or commercial boats to assist but without success, so the Atlantic 85 went to the casualty, set up an alongside tow and took the boat to its berth in the Marina.


Small rowing boat adrift.

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85 already on exercise so diverted.

Date : Sunday 6 October

Time Diverted : 11:30

Released from service : 12:15

Weather : Fine SW wind F4

The lifeguards on W Wittering beach alerted the Coastguard as they could see a small boat awash some 100 yards off the beach. The Atlantic 85 was sent to investigate and found a small rowing tender full of water and with no oars or rowlocks and no evidence of anyone having been on board. On turning the boat over the crew found two holes in the hull probably made by a hammer when the boat was upside down on the shore. No name markings were found but a makers plate ‘Anchor Boats Folkestone’ and the number 54729. The crew and Coastguard were satisfied no people were involved and so the Atlantic 85 returned to the station and the dinghy was safely stored.



Yacht tiller snaps and is rescued with no steering.

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : 19 September

Launched at : 16:00

Returned at : 18:30

Weather : F6 SW wind with an ebb tide causing 3-4m waves.

Lifeboats and yacht back in the harbour.




On 19 September a yacht approaching Chichester Harbour in SW Force 6 winds and 3-4 metre waves snapped its tiller and so lost all steerage control. It put out a Mayday call for help and Hayling Island RNLI Lifeboat saved it from being driven onto a lee shore at W Wittering.

The yacht, with 3 people on board was caught in a wind-over-tide situation which kicked up large waves which were breaking over the shallow banks and with no steerage the yacht was vulnerable. The Atlantic 85 lifeboat was launched with 3 crew and helm Jamie Bray and encountered some very large confused seas. On arriving at the reported position they found Hayling Rescue on scene still looking for the yacht which was spotted by a crew member Steve Hulatt, having been driven onto East Pole Sands already quite close to the wreck site.


The lifeboat to reach the yacht had to drive through large breaking seas to get upwind of the yacht so it could run down with the seas to its position. The helm manoeuvred the lifeboat close to the yacht and crew Phil Terry went on board to get ready for the tow line. This was successfully passed at the first attempt and the yacht was towed SW to clear the shallow waters. It was then necessary to turn towards the harbour mouth with wind and waves across both yacht and lifeboat and the helm showed great skill in doing so, but on passage and with breaking waves, the yacht broached badly several times. Jamie showed very good seamanship in turning again into the breaking waves to make the situation safe and asked if the yacht could rig a drogue (to slow the boat down when with waves and tide) but this was not possible and so a request was made for the Bembridge all-weather lifeboat to launch and take over the tow as they are equipped with a drogue.


As the Bembridge lifeboat arrived the ebb tide had nearly ended and the waves had largely subsided. A towline, bridle and drogue were passed to the yacht and once set up the tow was taken over by Bembridge, and the Hayling Lifeboat escorted Hayling Rescue, manned by one crew, into the harbour. Once inside the relative calm of the harbour the tow was taken back by the Atlantic 85 (pictured) which took the yacht alongside and towed her to Sparkes Marina where she was met by the Coastguard. Both the crew of the Hayling Lifeboat and Frank Dunster of Hayling Rescue, himself a former helm of the Hayling Lifeboat, said that Jamie Bray showed great skill in boat handling in difficult conditions and great judgement during this incident, which of course meant that three sailors and their yacht were rescued. Jamie said ‘It was tricky and the fact that the yacht still had a rudder but no tiller and therefore uncontrolled meant the situation was much more difficult for both the yachts skipper and ourselves. We are glad to have been able to bring them home safely.’ 




Injured Swan rescued

Boat launched : D-Class

Date : 18 September

Launch at : 19:45

Returned at : 21:00

Weather : Dusk became darkness but with calm conditions.

The Swan being appraoched by the D-boat

A member of the public saw a dog attack a swan in Emsworth Harbour and telephoned the Coastguard. The D-Class lifeboat was launched and began a search in the Emsworth channel, soon discovering a group of swans in shallow water with one clearly hurt and pecking at its back. In order not to scare the swans and to avoid risk of injury to them the helm switched off the lifeboat engine, went overboard in the shallow water, and walked the lifeboat over to the injured swan (pictured approaching the swan). The swan stayed put, clearly traumatised, and allowed a crew member to pick it up and wrap it in a blanket onboard the lifeboat.  Although it became a bit more lively during the trip to the Emsworth Pontoon it didn’t try to escape. The swan had a deep cut on its back where the dog had bitten it. The lifeboat was met by the Coastguard and the RSPCA who took charge of the swan, took it to a vet to be checked, before taking it to The Ark at Stubbington to recuperate.


Kayakers rescued from the harbour entrance.

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : 8 September

Launched at : 15:44

Returned at : 16:20

Weather : Force 7 SW wind

A group of kayakers had launched from near the Portsmouth Lifeboat Station and had made their way to the Chichester Harbour mouth where they met wind over tide conditions and one had capsized several times and was seen from the Hayling RNLI Station. Some of the kayakers made it ashore at Eastoke Point and Hayling crew members went to talk to them to clarify the position. The other canoeists were rafted up in the harbour mouth.

The lifeboat was launched and went to assist the person who had been in the water, took him on board and returned him to the Station where he was looked after and warmed up. Hayling Rescue was escorting the others into the harbour but when they became separated the lifeboat returned to assist and escort one in. A crew member took two of the group to the Hayling Ferry so they could fetch cars and drive round to collect the others and their kayaks.



Tragic end to a long search in vain

Boats Launched : Atlantic 85 and D-Boat

Dates : 2, 3 and 4 September

Boats launched at : 18.30 (2 Sept), 05:00 (3 Sept) and 16:30 (4 Sept)

Returned at : 22:00, 08:00 and 17:25

Weather : Fine and sunny with varying light winds over the 3 days

A young Asian man, together with two friends were enjoying the fine weather on 2 September and went into the sea at W Wittering, but sadly one of them, suspected of being a non-swimmer, went missing and the Hayling Island RNLI Lifeboats were called out to search for him. The crew searched over a wide area for over 3 hours on Monday night, and the Coastguard Helicopter was also called out. The crews re-assembled on Tuesday morning at first light and continued the search which by now had covered the shore from Hayling to Selsey and within Chichester Harbour from East Head up the Itchenor Reach, but sadly no-one was found.

Tragically a body was discovered on Wednesday 4  September, by a kayaker. The body was on the sandbanks at the West end of the W Wittering beach and the Hayling D-Class Lifeboat was launched to assist and to bring the casualty ashore where he was handed over to the Hampshire Police.


Fuel flow Problem

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Saturday 31 August

Launched at : 18:24

Returned at : 19:38

Weather : Calm and fine with a F4 N wind

The summer months (June-August) ended with another motor boat with engine problems, this time with it’s fuel system. The boat was about a mile off Chichester Harbour mouth and she was taken in tow by the Atlantic 85 and delivered to Sparkes Marina. This was the 33rd rescue this summer, there having been 20 rescues in the first 5 months of the year.



Another engine failure!

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 25 August

Launched at : 20:37 (15 minutes after returning from the previous rescue)

Returned at : 22:25

Weather : A fine evening with the wind dropping to F3 N Easterly

Just after washing down and refuelling the Atlantic 85 went out again this time to a 35ft yacht ‘Artful Dodger’ with two crew on board and engine failure in Hayling Bay. The lifeboat put a crew member on board and took the yacht in tow to Langstone Harbour as her berth was in Southsea Marina and she was put on the ‘coming alongside’ pontoon at the entrance to the marina.  For the second time that day the lifeboat then returned to the Station and was made ready for further service.


Engine Explosion not serious

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 25 August

Launched at : 18:58

Returned at : 20:22

Weather : Fine and clear with a F4 Easterly wind

The motor craft ‘Allora’ reported an explosion in its engine compartment when they were about 1.5 miles off Chichester Harbour mouth. The Atlantic 85 was launched and quickly found the vessel and once on board  a crewmember reported that the automatic fire extinguisher system had been activated but that there was no evidence of smoke or fire. Therefore the local procedure to immediately alert the Harbour Master and Fire & Rescue Service was not seen to be necessary and the vessel was towed into Sparkes Marina. The lifeboat returned to the Station but was almost immediately called out again (see above)



Fishing boat up the creek!

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Tuesday 20 August

Launched at : 21:10

Returned at : 22.23

Weather : Calm with a F3 West wind

The Atlantic 85 was launched in response to 999 calls made to the Coastguard about a 19 foot fishing boat with engine failure. The vessel was found in the Mill Rythe channel with three crew on board but with no lights, lifejackets or flares and no-one knew how to operate the VHF radio. A crewmember was put on board and the boat was towed to its mooring close to Northney Marina. The casualty crew members were then left on-board to take their tender back to the Ship Inn launch ramp where they were met by the Coastguards.


Yacht’s engine re-starts

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 18 August

Launched at : 15:45

Returned at : 16:10

Weather : Fine but with a F5 SW wind.

The Atlantic 85 went to assist a 30ft yacht on teh Chichester Bar with engine failure. On arrival however the lifeboat found that the yacht crew had managed to re-start their engine so it escorted them into the harbour. At Fishery Buoy they were asked if they could now continue to Chichester Marina and the skipper was happy to do so. The Hayling Lifeboat therefore informed the Chichester Harbour Patrol that this was happening and then returned to the Station.



Mystery Fishing boat ‘Misty Dawn.’

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Wednesday 14 August

Launched at : 09:46

Returned at : 12:31

Weather : Fine with a F2 westerly wind

Solent Coastguard requested we go to assist a vessel that had put out a Mayday call reporting that it had fouled its propeller in a reported position East of the Chichester Harbour Entrance.

The Atlantic 85 lifeboat proceeded to the position given and no vessel could be found. After numerous calls to the vessel to get its position the lifeboat started to search into Hayling Bay and located the Fishing Vessel ‘Misty Dawn’ with its fishing gear and a lobster pot anchor around its propeller.   After assessing the situation it was found to be safe to put a crewmember into the water to clear the gear.   After clearing most of the gear attached to the sea bed the vessel was taken in tow for Langstone Harbour.   The vessel was put alongside the Portsmouth side Hayling Ferry Pontoon and the Lifeboat returned to the station and was made ready for further service.


Concussed Kite-Surfer rescued.

Boat Launched : D-Class

Date : Monday 12 August

Launched at : 20:00

Returned at : 20:50

Weather : Cloudy and with a F4 N wind

Local kite-surfer Pete Winsor was on Wittering Beach on the evening of 12 August when he was knocked unconscious but after ‘coming round’ went to sea in a brisk wind. The Hayling Island RNLI Lifeboat was sent to investigate and brought the surfer ashore as he was in a confused condition.

Pete and his kite-surfing colleague are both Firemen and after work they decided to go kite-surfing. Pete proceeded to rig his kite and in doing so caught a bang on his head and was knocked unconscious. A member of the public, thought to be an off-duty para-medic gave Pete assistance and put him into the recovery position whilst going for help. After being unconscious for a few minutes Pete came round, and with no recollection of what had happened, completed rigging and went out to sea ignoring the shouts of the para-medic who immediately called Solent Coastguard. They paged the Hayling Lifeboat and also dispatched local coastguards and called an ambulance.

The RNLI smaller D-class lifeboat was launched and they were directed to their target by the on-scene coastguard who had made contact with the caller and been updated with details of the colour of the kite. The lifeboat crew talked to the kite surfer who was continuing to ‘surf’ but the crew felt that he appeared confused and was unable to recollect any of the incident described. He was persuaded to go ashore for medical treatment and after an assessment in the ambulance was taken to St Richards Hospital suffering from concussion and was kept in overnight.

Pete has suffered a total loss of memory of the incident and several days later said’ I cannot remember anything from getting home and then waking up in hospital the next morning. I don’t remember the drive to Wittering nor being hit on the head.’ Pete was kept under observation overnight but was sent home and has had a couple of days with bad headaches. Thanks to the alert action of the caller this incident, which could have been very serious, ended well and Pete would dearly love to make contact with the para-medic to thank him for his prompt action and assistance. So if you are out there do call the Hayling Island RNLI Press Officer on 07749061220 and we’ll put you in touch with Pete.


Girls in a kayak get stuck on the mud

Boat Launched : D-Class

Date : Saturday 10 August

Launched at : 18:30

Returned at : 19:05

Weather : Fine with a SW wind

Two girls kayaking in the north end of the harbour got the tide wrong and ended up stuck on a mud bank in Nore Rythe. The D-Class Lifeboat was launched and reached them in 9 minutes but they were a long way from the nearest water access and much nearer to the shore. It was agreed that the Coastguard Mud Rescue team would go to them and successfully did so and took them ashore. The lifeboat stood by but then returned to the station.


Lady injured on the Harbour Footpath.

Boat Launched : D-class

Date : Monday 5 August

Launched at : 11:35

Returned at : 12:20

Weather : Fine with a F4 South wind.

A lady walker following the shore line path to Emsworth fell and injured her leg too badly to be able to walk unaided. Solent Coastguard was called and asked us to go and assist as the lady was in the water! On arrival the D-boat crew found the lady was in fact ashore but needed to be carried by water to where the ambulance had been able to get to by road. The lady was sent by ambulance to A&E and the lifeboat returned to the station.


Fishing Dory with no crew?

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 4 August

Launched at : 16:40

Returned at : 17:10Weather : Fine but with a breezy F4 SW wind

Solent Coastguard asked us to investigate a possible missing crew as an empty fishing dory with fish on board, the engine in gear and damage to the propeller had been found at Eastney. The Atlantic 85 was launched and started to search along the Hayling shore for possible crew that had gone overboard. The Coastguard meanwhile was trying to establish whether members of the public on the beach who claimed to own the dory were in fact the owners! A Hampshire Police Unit arrived and with the Coastguard established that they were in fact the owners and that no-one was missing so the Lifeboat was stood down and returned to the station.


Man has a fall on the Emsworth Pontoon

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Wednesday 31 July

Launched at : 18:34

Returned at : 20:22

Weather : Fine but with a F4 SSW wind.

Solent Coastguard requested we launch to go to help an elderly gentleman who had fallen on the fixed pontoon in the Emsworth Channel. The Atlantic 85 was soon on the scene, gave first aid to the fallen man and  reassurance to his wife who was concerned. The man was put into a basket stretcher and both he and his wife were taken ashore at Emsworth Marina where they were met by Hayling  Coastguard and an ambulance. The Atlantic then returned to the pontoon and collected 3 other family members and took them ashore, and finally returned to the station.


Horse makes it ashore

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Tuesday 30 July

The Fire & Rescue Service were attempting to rescue a horse that had thrown it’s rider and swum out to sea. The Atlantic 85 was launched but within moments news came that the horse had swum back and was recovered by the rider, so the lifeboat was returned to the station.


Dutch Yacht runs aground at East Head

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Thursday 25 July

Launched at : 19:00

Returned at : 19:45

Weather : Dry and with a F4 SW wind

YAcht 'Karma' aground

Yacht ‘Karma’ aground


The Dutch Yacht, ‘Karma’ (pictured), a 64ft fin keel vessel ran aground at E head and called the Coastguard as the skipper was worried about the boat heeling over at an alarming angle. The Coastguard requested we assist and so the Atlantic 85 was launched and soon reached the scene. The yacht was hard aground and close to the edge of the deeper channel, so the crew helped the skipper to put out a stern anchor so when the tide came in this could be used to pull the stern around.

It was agreed that the crew would re-assemble at 22:00 to go and help the yacht off the sands. They duly did so but before they launched the Coastguard called the yacht and found that she had re-floated, that there was no damage, and no water coming in, and that she had re-anchored in deeper water. The crew were therefore stood down.


Indian Tourists airlifted from W Wittering beach.

Boats launched : Atlantic 85 and D-Class

Date : Sunday 21 July

As the tide came in at W Wittering on Sunday 21 July, amongst the many swimmers cooling off in the water, were a number of Indian Tourists and some were caught up in the current sweeping round into Chichester Harbour. The Coastguard put out an all vessels help call and paged the Hayling Island RNLI Lifeboat Station to launch both lifeboats immediately and go to the many potential casualties.

The incident occurred just at the time the Wittering Estate Lifeguards were going off shift but luckily they saw two of the group in distress and went to their aid. They brought the two men ashore and gave them immediate medical assistance so that they were breathing although still unconscious. The D-Class lifeboat arrived as this was happening and assisted by a visitor’s jet-ski began to clear the area of swimmers to enable the helicopter to land. The two men were airlifted to QA Hospital still unconscious. A third casualty although conscious and breathing had been in some distress and was taken by road ambulance to St Richards Hospital to enable the staff to keep them under observation overnight.

The Atlantic 85 lifeboat kept station to prevent entry into the cleared area and was assisted by Frank Dunster of Hayling Rescue. They both made certain that there were no others in distress in the water. The area where the swimmers got into difficulty is where a man died last year in saving a young child and it is very dangerous at the point at which the tide rushes in and goes round the corner into Chichester Harbour. It was very lucky for the three visitors that the Wittering Estate Lifeguards were still at the beach.


Stranded on a sandbank ?

Boats launched : Atlantic 85 and D-Class

Date : Saturday 20 July

Launched at : 18:20

Returned at : 18:40

Weather : Cloudy and with a F2 NE wind

Both lifeboats were launched to search for a person stranded on a sandbank by the incoming tide. As the person reporting this was uncertain about exactly where this was, just that it was ‘Close to a lifeguard station,’ the Atlantic 85 went to the W Pole Sands and the D-class t0 the Witterings. Shortly after the launch however the person was reported to have been helped ashore at the W Wittering beach so both lifeboats returned to the station.



Missing inflatables and a canoeist checked out.

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Saturday 20 July

Launched at : 14:09

Returned at : 15:30

Weather : Cloudy with a F4 NE wind

A member of the public contacted the Coastguard concerned about two orange inflatables with 3 people onboard being blown offshore off the Beachlands area of Hayling beach. The Atlantic 85 was launched and found the boats which had by then returned closer inshore. Safety advice was offered to the crews.

Whilst returning to the lifeboat station the lifeboat was diverted following a call from the wife of a canoeist, concerned that she could no longer see her husband. The Atlantic crew located him about half a mile offshore and further to the West, established that he was fine and reported back so the wife could be reassured. While returning the lifeboat was asked to look out for any other leisure craft in difficulty but found none.


Service Numbers 2019

Total Launches: 84
Atlantic 85: 42
D-Class: 42

Services Totals

2015 - 67
2014 -77
2013 - 86
2012 - 77

Tide Times

Tide Times & Heights for Chichester Harbour (Entrance) onSunday, 19 September 2021
Low Tide:04:05 ( 1.10m )
High Tide:11:43 ( 4.60m )
Low Tide:16:27 ( 1.10m )
High Tide:23:51 ( 4.60m )

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