Services 2012

2012 Services

49’er in difficulty.

Boat Launched: Atlantic 85

Date: Friday 3rd August

Launched at: 16:17

Returned at: 17:17

Weather: Fine and sunny with a Force 4 SW wind.

A fast racing 49’er dinghy suffered a rig failure and was in difficulty in the entrance to Chichester Harbour. The strong ebb tide was taking it out to sea. The Atlantic 85 was launched and went to the dinghy where the crew helped to sort out the rig, enabling the dinghy crew to sail slowly into the harbour escorted by the lifeboat. The lifeboat returned to the station and was made ready for further service.



Sailboarder in rough Seas

Boat launched: Atlantic 85

Date: Thursday 2nd August

Launched at: 14:36

Returned at : 14:50

Weather:  Moderate to rough sea conditions with a F6SW wind

Solent Coastguard requested assistance for a sailboarder in difficulties near to the Lifeboat Station.  The sailboard was in breaking seas on the Winner Bank/East Pole Sands and the Atlantic 85 was launched and quickly reached him.

By keeping the bow of the lifeboat headed into the seas the crew were able to recover both the casualty and his board. The lifeboat then had to head out to sea in order to reach quieter water, then turned and brought the lifesurfer and his rig ashore at the Lifeboat Station. Once he was handed over to the Coastguard mobile unit and all was well the lifeboat was recovered and made ready for further service.


Anglers Boat needs assistance.

Boat launched: Atlantic 85

Date: Saturday July 29th

Launched at: 22:25

Returned at: 23:15

Weather:  Calm but with a WNW F4 wind.

Solent Coastguard asked us to assist a 20ft boat belonging to two fishermen that had broken down at the top of Chichester Harbour. The fishermen did not have a VHF radio but used a mobile phone to call for help. The boat was found anchored near the Emsworth S Cardinal Beacon and was taken in tow to it’s mooring off Northney Marina. The fisherman and his son were then brought ashore at the marina.

The lifeboat returned to the station and was made ready for further service.



More Rescues off West Wittering

Boat Launched: D-Class (to several incidents)

Date: Thursday 26th July

Launched at: 13:07

Returned at: 14.15

Weather:  Fine and sunny, wind  S force 3

The fine weather continued and W Wittering was again very busy. Solent Coastguard asked us to launch the D-Class lifeboat to search for an 11 year old boy, missing of W Wittering beach. The D-Class arrived on scene and after 20 minutes of searching the child was found safe and well.

Before it could return, the lifeboat was diverted to another incident as they saw a 17 year old girl waving for assistance in the water. She was found to be exhausted and so was taken on board and returned to the beach. Almost immediately a group of 4 girls were seen to be waving for help as the sandbank they were on was rapidly disappearing as the tide came in. They too were taken into the lifeboat and returned to the shore but once again the D-Class crew spotted two boys in a worse predicament on another sandbank. They rescued them and took them safely ashore.

Finally after a busy two hours the lifeboat was stood down and returned to the station to be made ready for further service.



An afternoon of rescues

Boats launched: Atlantic 85 (x1) and D-Class (x3)

Date: Tuesday July 24th

Launched at: 12:50, 15:18 and 17.26

Returned at: 13:05, 16:15 and 17.45

Weather: Fine sunny summer day, wind S force 2.

Solent Coastguard called to request we search for a child missing at W Wittering beach. Both lifeboats were launched but on arrival the child was found safe and well, so the lifeboats both returned to the station and were made ready for further service

Within two hours another call was made requesting we look for two teenage girls missing on a sailboard, again off W Wittering beach. The D-Class lifeboat was launched and found the girls safe and well, but because there had been a number of calls alerting us to lost and then quickly found children, the D-Class lifeboat was asked to stand guard off the beach until the top of the tide. It did so without incident and returned to the station and was again made ready for service.

At 17:20 we received a final call to launch the D-Class lifeboat to look for a child missing in the region of Groin 13 on W Wittering beach. Ten minutes after arriving on scene the child was found safe and well. So for the final time that day the lifeboat returned and was made ready for further service.

Summer came suddenly that week and W Wittering beach was very, very, busy, resulting in many children going missing, but fortunately none were in any real trouble.


Youngsters brought ashore.

Boat: Atlantic 85

Date: Monday 23rd July

Launched at: 18:39

Returned at: 19:10

Weather: Sunny and warm with a Force 3 S wind.

A member of the public made a 999 call to Solent Coastguard, concerned about two lads some distance offshore in a small inflatable dinghy, to the south of the ‘Inn on the Beach.’  The lifeboat was launched and on arrival at the dinghy found the two boys surprised to see them, claiming to be fine!  They were persuaded by the lifeboat crew to make their way ashore escorted by the lifeboat and were met by the coastguard.

The lifeboat returned to the station and was made ready for further service.


Rib caught in the surf.

Boat Launched: D-Class

Date: Wednesday 18th July

Launched at: 19:17

Returned at: 19:40

Weather: Wind WSW F 5-6.

The lifeboat crew were assembling for training when a rigid inflatable (rib) was seen to be caught in the surf on E Pole Sands. When one of the ribs crew were seen to go into the water, the Launch Authority contacted Solent Coastguard to let them know we were going to launch the D-Class lifeboat to assist.

On reaching the rib a crew member went into the water and discovered that there was a rope around the boats propeller. Once this was cleared the crew member helped to get the rib into deeper water, then went on-board and helmed the boat into Chichester Harbour, escorted by the D-Class lifeboat. Once in the harbour the lifeboat crew member was transferred to the lifeboat and the casualty made its own way back to Bosham.

The lifeboat then returned to the stations and was made ready for further service.




Kayaks stuck on the mud!

Boat Launched: D-Class

Date: Sunday 15th July

Launch at: 14:02

Returned at: 14:20

Weather : Fine and warm. Wind SW F3

Following a 999 call from a member of staff at Sparkes marina, concerned about two teenage youths in kayaks on a mud bank to the NW of the marina, the Solent Coastguard requested a launch to investigate.

The Harbour Patrol vessel and the lifeboat arrived at the scene to discover that the two boys had made it back to the marina, having come from Hayling Island Sailing Club. The Harbour Patrol boat took them both on-board and returned them to their parents at HISC.

The lifeboat returned to the station and was made ready for further service.


Motor boat in trouble in the harbour

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date: Thursday 12th July

Launched at : 19:45

Returned at : 20:30

Weather : SW wind F6.

A member of the public contacted the Solent Coastguard as they had seen a motor vessel apparently drifting with no-one on board,  just off Creek Road in Hayling Bay. The coastguard requested we launch and the Atlantic 85 went to the reported position but could not find any motor boat.

The Deputy Launch Authority had seen a motor boat passing HISC and possibly heading for Sparkes Marina, so he asked the coastguard to go to Sparkes and the Atlantic 85 to come back into Chichester Harbour and investigate the motor boat. The coastguard agreed and the lifeboat found the motor boat making an erratic course in the moorings off HISC. After the motor boat had made contact with one of the moored yachts, the lifeboat helm put a crew member on board to investigate the situation.

It transpired that the two people on board had only recently bought the boat in Devon and had little experience of boating. They had made their way from Plymouth to Weymouth, then south of the Isle of Wight and thence to Chichester Harbour. One of the boats two diesel engines had broken down and the other was filling the boat with fumes. The crew member suggested they go into Sparkes and the lifeboat escorted them in and helped them to moor alongside the pontoon to await the arrival of the coastguard.

When all was well the lifeboat returned to the station and was made ready for further service.


Suspected body in the water

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 1 July

Launched at : 11:50

Returned at : 12:35

Weather : Partly cloudy with a SSW F4 wind

Whilst on exercise the Atlantic 85 was diverted to a position SW of West Pole to search for a suspected body/log in the water. Nothing was found however  and so the lifeboat returned to the station and was made ready for further service.


Fin keel yacht runs aground

Boat launched: D-Boat

Date : Tuesday 25th June

Launched at: 08:25

Returned at : 09:17

Weather : Calm, overcast with a F1 Southerly wind.

Solent Coastguard requested we launch to go to the assistance of a Dehler 31, fin keel yacht, which had run aground in the ‘Pilsey anchorage.’ One of the crew of ‘Anita’ was in some distress as the yacht heeled over at an alarming angle.

The coastguard had contacted Chichester Harbour Patrol but they were not available and so the D-Class lifeboat was launched and went to the scene of the incident in the Thorney Channel. The lady crew member was anxious and wished to be taken ashore until the boat had refloated but the skipper was happy to remain on board. The lady crew was transferred to the lifeboat.

Although the yacht had dragged its anchor the lifeboat helm felt it would be adequate when the vessel re-floated after the tide had turned. It was also felt that the sound construction of the yacht would mean that it would not have any problems on re-floating which would be within 3/4 hours. The skipper was therefore left on board and the lady crew member transferred to shore.

The lifeboat returned to the station and was made ready for further service.



Motor boat saved from sinking

Boat launched: Atlantic 85

Date: Monday 25th June

Launched at: 13:27

Returned at: 13:40


Fine with a SW Force 4

Solent Coastguard requested assistance to a motor boat reported as sinking off the W Wittering shore. The Atlantic 85 was launched and as it passed the Eastoke Beacon the crew could see the casualty vessel beached at Chichester Harbour Entrance on the Hayling Island side.

Hayling Rescue and the Chichester Harbour Master Patrol vessel were also in attendance, and the three motor boat crew members were already ashore on the beach. The RNLI crew made sure the three were not injured and then stood by whilst the Harbour Patrol vessel put a pump on board to stem the water coming through a substantial split in the bow of the motor boat. The Harbour Patrol then relaunched the motor boat and towed it to Sparkes Marina to be lifted out and the lifeboat crew waited until this was under way and seen to be successful. The three motor boat crew walked unaided to Sparkes.

The lifeboat then returned to the station and was made ready for further service.


Strong Force 7/8 wind proves a challenge for windsurfer.

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date: Friday 8th June

Launched at: 21:09

Returned at: 22:00

Weather: Overcast and with a SSW F7 gusting 8 wind.

Solent Coastguard reported a number of windsurfers in distress about 200-300 yards off Hayling Beach. The Atlantic 85 was launched together with the Selsey All-Weather Lifeboat and the HMCC Rescue Helicopter. On arrival at the scene the Atlantic 85 found one windsurfer in the water, recovered him and took him ashore where he was handed over to the Hayling Coastguard.

The Rescue Helicopter then directed the Atlantic 85 to investigate two other potential casualties, difficult to see due to the height of the waves and wind blown spray from breaking waves. These were found, but fortunately they turned out to be ‘lobster pot buoys.!’ Working together the rescue vessels and helicopter agreed that there were no other casualties and so the Hayling Lifeboat recovered the casualties rig/equipment and a crew member was put ashore with this to return it to its owner.

The Atlantic 85 then made passage back to the station and was escorted by the Rescue Helicopter across  Chichester Bar because of the adverse sea conditions. It was then made ready for further service.



Man Overboard tries to walk across the mud to safety.

Boat launched: D-Class

Date: Thursday June 7th

Boat launched at: 18:55

Boat returned at: 20:25

Weather: Fine but with a gusting F6/7 SW wind

Solent Coastguard requested we launch the inshore lifeboat to go to the help of a crew member who had fallen into the water from a vessel in the vicinity of Northney Marina. Because of the low tidal levels the D-Boat was launched and went to the area and as they could not see the crew member in the water, sought information from the skipper on the vessel. The skipper explained that his colleague crew had fallen into the water when the tender capsized off the stern of the boat. The crew had swum and crawled to an adjacent mud bank and had then decided to try to walk across the mud to Emsworth.

The lifeboat started a search and found the casualty about 1 km from the scene of the accident. He was persuaded to return to the lifeboat, taken aboard and returned to the vessel where he changed out of his wet and muddy clothing. Both crew were then taken to Northney Marina and passed over to the waiting coastguards.

The D-Boat then returned to the station and was made ready for further service.


Dinghy recovered in challenging conditions.

Boat Launched: Atlantic 85

Date: Sunday June 3rd

Diverted at : 11:12

Returned to Exercise: 11:45

Weather: Overcast and with a gusting SW F5 wind.

The Atlantic 85 lifeboat was on exercise practising net recoveries into the recovery trailer, when Solent Coastguard requested that we attend a sailing dinghy at the Chichester Bar which had capsized and whose crew members were struggling to right the boat.

The dinghy and crew were quickly located and the crew recovered and the boat righted. One of the crew together with a lifeboat crew member were put into the dinghy which was taken under tow to the Hayling Island Sailing Club.

The lifeboat crew were asked to look for another capsized dinghy on their way back. This was found and the crew indicated that they were alright, so the lifeboat continued with its tow.

The lifeboat returned to the recovery exercise and was then made ready for further service.


Windsurfer Rig discovered on shore.

Boats Launched: Atlantic 85 and D-Class

Date: Saturday June 2nd

Launched at: 19:24

Returned at : 20:05

Weather: Dull and cloudy with E wind Force 6.

A sailboard and sail were discovered in the surf just off West Wittering beach at the Selsey Bill end, but with no sign of the sailboard owner. Solent Coastguard asked that both boats be launched to search for the sailboarder and the Atlantic 85 started to search along the Wittering shoreline whilst the D-Class concentrated on the harbour entrance and into Hayling Bay. The Coastguard helicopter joined the search.

After 20 minutes searching with no casualty sighted the Solent Coastguard called all units to report that the sailboarder had been found safe on the shore, and that the sailboard was from a hire shop and had been left on the beach!

Both lifeboats returned to the station and were made ready for further service.


Two Kitesurfers in difficulties

Boat launched: Atlantic 85

Date: Thursday May 31st

Launched at: 19:29

Returned to station: 19:45

Weather: Fine with NW Force 4.

A member of the public alerted Solent Coastguard that two kite surfers were in difficulties off Hayling shore. The Coastguard requested the launch of the Atlantic 85 who found one of the kite surfers drifting just south of the lifeboat station. The casualty was taken on board and brought ashore at the lifeboat station. The second kite surfer managed to get ashore unaided at Eastoke Point.

The lifeboat was made ready for further service.



Elderly couple rescued on their maiden voyage.

Boat Launched:   Atlantic 85

Date:   Wednesday May 23rd

Launched at :  15:00

Returned to station: 16:30

Weather: Sunny with WNW Force 3/4

An elderly couple were rescued by the Hayling Atlantic 85 lifeboat following a MAYDAY call as their boat was taking on water during passage from Bembridge back to Itchenor and in danger of sinking. The couple were taking advantage of the fine weather to undertake a maiden cruise to the Isle of Wight and were returning when their boat sprang a leak. The Hayling lifeboat was called out to go to their assistance and on arriving at the scene found that a small fishing boat had taken the 31ft yacht ‘Crescendo‘ in tow. A crew member was put  on board and found the skipper helming whilst the lady crew was attempting to cope with the incoming water which by this time was knee deep in the cabin.

The Hayling lifeboat put their salvage pump on board, and on the arrival of the Portsmouth RNLI lifeboat an additional pump was put on board. These removed excess water and coped with the water coming in which was pouring through the stern gland on the prop shaft, possibly caused by the boats engine shifting off its bearings.

The Portsmouth lifeboat then took over the tow from the fishing boat and with the Hayling crew on board the yacht, towed her to Sparkes Marina on Hayling. On arrival a decision was made to crane the boat out as the water was still pouring through the broken gland into the boat.

The lady crew member, who used to raise funds for the RNLI was very upset by the unpleasant incident. Jonathan Bradbury, Hayling Lifeboat Operations Manager said, ‘The skipper and crew were shaken by their experience and most grateful for the support and assistance provided by the RNLI, who prevented a maiden voyage becoming the final voyage for this yacht, and a more serious outcome for the crew.’

Once all were safe and secure at Sparkes marina the lifeboat returned to the station and was made ready for further service.


Seagull Outboards not coping with the sea conditions

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Wednesday 16 May

Launched at : 19:30

Returned at : 20:45

Weather : Cloudy with a WSW F3 wind.

We were asked by Solent Coastguard to take over the towing of a 25ft wooden yacht being powered by two old Seagull outboards mounted high on the stern of the boat. She was being towed by the Selsey RNLI all weather lifeboat on passage from Littlehampton. The rolling motion of the boat was causing the outboards to come out of the water and then get submerged and stop.

The Atlantic 85 was launched and having put a crew member on board the yacht, took over the tow and brought the yacht into Sparkes Marina. The lifeboat then returned to the lifeboat station and was made ready for service.


Fishermen rescued from their sinking boat.

Boats launched: Atlantic 85 and D-class

Date : Saturday 5th May

Launched at : 17:58

Returned at: 18:30

Weather: ENE Force 4/5

A fishing boat in the vicinity of Dean Tail buoy was trying to raise it’s anchor. The skipper was using his engine to try and break out the anchor when the rope got wrapped around the propeller. This pulled the boat round so that waves were breaking over the stern. The skipper went to the stern to try to clear the propeller which made the stern lower in the water and a larger wave swamped the boat which within seconds capsized throwing the two men into the water.  They had no time to make a Mayday call and neither were wearing life jackets which were later found in the boat. Fortunately an air pocket in the bow stopped the boat from completely sinking and they clung to the small section of the boat that was above the water. A gaff rigged Cornish Shrimper saw the capsize and went to their help but they were in the water for some 15 minutes so that when the boat took them on board they were already very cold.

The skipper of the shrimper contacted the Solent Coastguard using a mobile phone and both the lifeboats were paged. The Atlantic 85 was sent to pick up the fishermen and the D boat to pinpoint the position of the sunken fishing boat. Both fishermen were suffering from hypothermia and were brought to Sparks Marina where an ambulance met them. Having spent 45 minutes in a warm ambulance they were discharged and came to the lifeboat station.

The D boat managed to locate the partially sunken fishing boat and took it in tow as the tide had pushed it south of the shipping channel. It made slow progress against the wind and the tide and so the Atlantic 85, having dropped off the casualties, went to assist the D boat. By skillful use of towrope and engines, the boat was dragged to the surface with most of the water ejected over the stern and it was then towed back to the lifeboat station. In discussion with the owners it was decided to take the boat to Sparks Marina where it could be craned out.

This incident had a most satisfactory outcome to what could easily have been a tragic accident and both fishermen agreed that wearing life jackets in future would be essential.

The two lifeboats returned to the station and were made ready for further service.


To view the video for the above service please Click Here.


Windsurfer caught by a Force 10 Gust

Boat launched: Atlantic 85

Date: Wednesday April 25th

Launched at: 17:35

Returned to Station at: 18:10

Weather: SSW Force 5 gusting 7, which rose to Force 8 gusting 10.

An experienced local windsurfer, enjoying the challenging conditions off Chichester Harbour entrance today, was caught by a Force 10 gust and catapulted off her board The Hayling RNLI Lifeboat went to her rescue.Alex Powell an experienced 20 year old windsurfer from Southsea, was enjoying a windsurfing session with three friends on Wednesday April 25th when a sudden increase in the strength of the wind caught her unaware, and changed the sea conditions to much more challenging.

The wind, an onshore SSW, had been Force 5 with occasional Force 7 gusts but at approx 5.30 pm a 50 knot gust was recorded and it was this that caused Alex to catapult off her board. As she hit the water she was winded and then struggled to regain control of the board and rig, and although fit, rapidly became very tired.

As she was caught in a strong ebb tide and with the wind still gusting strongly Solent Coastguard paged the station to request support. The Hayling Atlantic 85 Lifeboat was launched and went to her assistance and joined Frank Dunster of Hayling Rescue. Alex was recovered by Frank and the lifeboat crew stood by and escorted him with the casualty back to the station.Fortunately after a warm in the lifeboat station and two cups of tea, Alex was fine and said ‘I was very grateful for the really quick, helpful and friendly support and rescue. The tea was much appreciated!’ She was able to rejoin her windsurfer colleagues and drive home.

The Atlantic 85 was then made ready for further service.


Five children and two adults saved from sinking boat

Boat launched: Atlantic 85

Date:  Friday 6th April

Launched: 15:30

Returned to Station: 18:00

Weather: Calm and mild.  NW F2/3

Solent Coastguard requested the launch of a lifeboat to go to the assistance of a vessel located south of the Chichester Harbour entrance which was taking in water. It was thought that this was due to a split engine cooling pipe.

The Atlantic 85 was launched and reached the scene where a crew member was put on board. He quickly identified that the cause of the leak was not the cooling pipe. The situation had some urgency since of the crew of seven, five were children and so they, together with one adult, were taken onto the lifeboat leaving the skipper and the lifeboat crew member on board.

The RNLI salvage pump was put on board and the vessel taken in tow. It soon became apparent that the salvage pump was not coping with the ingress of water and so the skipper was taken off the vessel which continued under tow towards the harbour entrance.

Whilst this rescue was proceeding, the Lifeboat Station had contacted the Chichester Harbour Master to gain agreement that the casualty vessel could be towed into the harbour, and to request that their patrol boat met the lifeboat and brought with it the high capacity ‘crash/trash pump.’

The lifeboat helm in communication with the crew member aboard the vessel was then alerted to the worsening situation as the salvage pump was not coping adequately with the incoming water. He took the decision to beach the vessel and this was successfully achieved on the Hayling Island shore close to Bosmere Road.

The lifeboat then took all seven casualties to the Hayling Island Sailing Club where they were passed into the care of the Coastguard. It then returned to the casualty vessel where it met the Harbour Patrol. The high volume pump was deployed, the vessel re-floated and taken in tow by the Harbour Patrol. With the lifeboat escorting them and the pump coping with the inflowing sea water they reached Sparks Marina safely, where the vessel was then lifted out.

With both personnel and boat now safe, the lifeboat returned to the station and was made ready for further service.



Distressed lady rescued

Boat launched:  Atlantic 85

Date:  Saturday 31st March

Launched: 22:24

Returned to Station: 22:47

Weather: Moderate NE F4

Solent Coastguard requested the launch of a lifeboat to go to the assistance of an 11 metre yacht that had run aground on the north end of the Winner Bank. The yacht had a crew of four people on board and as the yacht started to heel over, one of the crew became very worried and anxious about the angle of heel.

The Atlantic 85 was launched and was quickly on the scene and a crew member went aboard to assess the situation. The helmsman decided that the tide was already too low for the vessel to be towed off and so a kedge anchor was put out. The distressed lady crew member was taken off the yacht and landed at the lifeboat station and a female shore crew member offered to take her home for the night.

It was agreed that the yacht could manage on its own when it re-floated and would go to Sparks Marina, where the lady would be re-united with her husband and the yacht. With this agreed the lifeboat returned to the station and was made ready for further service.


Dory crew rescued

Boat launched: Atlantic 85

Date: Saturday 24th March

Launched : 23:57

Returned to station: 00:43 (Sunday 25th)

Weather: Calm NE F2

A 17 foot dory left Eastney Cruising Association at the entrance to Langstone Harbour around 10:00 with the skipper and his lady crew. They crossed Hayling Bay and entered Chichester Harbour. They spent the rest of the day exploring the harbour. As night approached and the tide fell, they ran aground on a number of sand banks and to get off the skipper had to enter the water making his lower body cold and wet. His GPS had stopped working so having found a number of anchored boats at East Head he decided to join them. They did not have adequate warm clothing and as the air temperature dropped the lady started to show signs of hypothermia. A neighbouring motor boat took her on board but the man refused, staying on board his anchored dory.

The motor boat contacted the coastguard who paged the lifeboat and the Atlantic 85 was launched just before midnight. Once at East Head the lifeboat crew wrapped the skipper and the lady in blankets and then escorted the dory into Sparks marina. The lifeboat returned to the station and was made ready for further service.

The two crew from the dory were brought back to the station, given a restorative cup of tea, and returned to their car at Eastney Cruising Association by the kind generosity of one of the lifeboat crew.




Jet-Ski crew rescued

Boat launched: D-class

Date: Friday 23rd March

Launched at: 11:14

Returned to Station: 12:10

Weather: Fine and clear. SSW F2

We were paged by the Solent  Coastguard in response to a reports of two crew members from a jet ski in the water off East Head. On arrival at the station the crew leader checked with the coastguard and the location was updated as being  due East of the station at the extreme West End of the West Wittering Beach.

The D boat was launched and quickly arrived  arrived on the scene. The two crew on the jet ski had lost control of the craft and with no kill cord fitted to the engine, the craft had continued and left the crew in the water.  One of them made their way ashore  helped by the adjacent groyne, and the other swam to the jet ski. Also on scene was the Harbour Masters Rib with one crew member, Hayling Rescue, and the Selsey Coastguard on the beach.

The jet ski and casualty were taken ashore by the Harbour Master and were handed over to the coastguard.  The Lifeboat Crew checked both casualties on the shore,  and although one had  a long term asthma condition, both were seen to be fine.

The Solent Coastguard then stood down the lifeboat which  returned to the station and was made ready for Service.


Cries for ‘help’ on a foggy night?

Date: Thursday 15th March

Launched: Atlantic 85 and then D-Class lifeboats

Launched: 20:30 & 20:45

Returned to Station: 21.40

Weather: SW F3 but foggy.

Solent Coastguard contacted the lifeboat station as cries for ‘help’ had been heard by members of the public walking along the Hayling beach in the vicinity of Meath Close/Bembridge Drive. It was thought that the cries came from out at sea.

The Atlantic 85 was launched and quickly made its way to the area and began a search fairly close in-shore. It found however that because of the low tide conditions it was not able to get close to the beach.  As a result the D-Class lifeboat was also launched to search West Pole Sands and then the Hayling shore from East to West and close in-shore.

No casualties were found and the cries were not heard again, so both boats were stood down and returned to the station where they were made ready for further service.


Clam Fishers rescued

Boats Launched: D-Class and Atlantic 85

Date: Monday 20th February


Returned to Station:13:45

Weather: NW F4

Solent Coastguard paged and requested a launch to search for a 9 foot inflatable boat with a 5hp motor that had been out collecting clams with a friend in another boat.   While returning to the slipway at the Ship Inn, Langstone, and when south of ThorneyIsland, his friend (who had the GPS) turned round and could not see him nor find him. He continued back and contacted the Coastguard.

Both Lifeboats were launched to start a search south of Thorney heading north east along Itchenor Reach and covering both sides of the channel, and then up the Thorney Channel.   The Coastguard Helicopter joined the search from Hayling Bridge, searching south.

The Hayling Coastguard mobile was meanwhile checking car parks close to slipways looking for the fishermans white van and they located it in the Ship Inn car park with the missing person in it.

All units were stood down and the lifeboats returned to station and made ready for further service.


Fishing boat in trouble

Boats launched : Atlantic 85

Date: Saturday 18th February

Launched: 17:24

Returned to station:18:05

Solent Coastguard paged the station to request assistance for an 18 foot fishing boat, which was having difficulties east of Hayling Bridge. It’s engines were faulty and they were finding it difficult to steer a course.

The Atlantic 85 was launched and was quickly on the scene, but the Hayling Coatguard mobile unit informed them that the vessel was now entering Northney Marina.  The lifeboat found the fishing boat with two people on board, who gratefully accepted assistance to get alongside a pontoon, where they were met by the Coastguard.

The lifeboat then returned to the station and was made ready for further service.


Cyclist stuck in the mud!

Boat launched: D-Class

Date: Wednesday 15th February

Launched at: 12:45

Returned at: 13:45

Weather: NW F4

The West Sussex police received a call from a member of the public that a youth was stuck in the mud off Fishbourne. He had been cycling with another boy when he tried to cycle over the mud! The police alerted the Solent Coastguard who requested the lifeboat to be launched to assist in the youths recovery. The D-Class boat was launched due to the lack of water at the top of the harbour at that time. As the lifeboat passed Dell Quay it received a call from the Selsey Coastguard mobile unit who reported that the youth had been rescued and taken into custody by the police. After this was confirmed the lifeboat was stood down and returned to the station where it was made ready for further service.


Vessel in trouble

Boat Launched: Atlantic 85

Date: Friday 27th January.

Launched at: 12:58

Returned to Station at: 14:25

Weather: NNE F5.

A 34 foot vessel made a call requesting assistance as she was taking on water and although in the harbour east of Itchenor, the situation was urgent. Solent Coastguard upgraded the call to a Mayday status and asked for an immediate launch. Because of the apparent urgency the Atlantic 85 was launched, and the Coastguard Helicopter was diverted to the scene. Hayling Rescue were first to arrive and reported that the boats bilge pump was coping with the water ingress. The lifeboat put a crew member on board who found that a cooling hose had been melted by an overheating engine and so when the engine was stopped, so did the water coming in. The lifeboat towed the vessel to Chichester Yacht Basin where it was secured to a pontoon, and met by the Selsey Coastguard patrol unit. The Atlantic 85 returned to the station and was made ready for further service.


Service Numbers 2019

Total Launches: 84
Atlantic 85: 42
D-Class: 42

Services Totals

2015 - 67
2014 -77
2013 - 86
2012 - 77

Tide Times

Tide Times & Heights for Chichester Harbour (Entrance) on Tuesday, 29 September 2020
Low Tide: 03:40 ( 1.40m )
High Tide: 11:29 ( 4.50m )
Low Tide: 16:03 ( 1.40m )
High Tide: 23:40 ( 4.40m )

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