Services 2012

2012 Services

Young rower rescued at Itchenor

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date: Thursday 27 December

Launched at : 11:32

Returned at : 12:10

Weather : Dull and cloudy with a WSW Force 7

Solent Coastguards were called by a father reporting that his son had lost a rowlock on the tender he was rowing out to a moored boat. He had manged to get to a mooring buoy and cling onto it, but the father was concerned that the ebb tide would capsize the tender.

The Atlantic 85 was launched but on arrival at the scene discovered that the young man had been rescued by a passing yacht and was safe on the shore. Whilst there however the lifeboat assisted Hayling Rescue in dealing with a loose tender that had drifted from the North Shore slipway. It then returned to the station to be made ready for further service.


Yacht aground on the Winner Bank

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 2 December

Launched at : 15:13

Returned at : 15:30

Weather : Fine and sunny and calm with a NNW F1 wind

A lone skipper was out in his 10m yacht ‘Balase’ in the fine afternoon sunshine, intending to sail to the harbour mouth and back. With the vessel on autopilot the ebbing tide pushed the boat onto the north end of the Winner Bank and she ran aground. The skipper requested help as the tide was falling and both the Atlantic 85 and Hayling Rescue went to his aid. Hayling Rescue took a halyard and heeled the boat to reduce its draft whilst the lifeboat set up a tow and pulled ‘Balase’ off the bank.  Checks were made to ensure no water was entering the boat and she then went on her way back to Itchenor. The lifeboat returned to the station and having completed six call-outs during the 3 days (Fri-Sunday) was made ready for further service.


Another fishing boat towed home.

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 2 December

Launched at : 08:43

Returned at : 09:45

Weather : Fine and clear but cold with a NNW F3 wind

An early fishing trip took ‘Stardrift’ out about 1 mile south-east of the West Pole Beacon, but she caught a lobster pot line round the propeller and so had no power. The Atlantic 85 was asked to assist, was launched and went to the boat and cut away the offending rope. Since some rope remained the boat was taken in tow and brought back to Sparkes marina.


Fishing boat towed home

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Saturday 1 December

Launched at : 17:17

Returned at : 18:25

Weather : Clear with a NW wind F4.

Whilst returning from the previous incident the Atlantic 85 was asked to take over a tow. The fishing boat ‘Chinook’ had lost electrical power whilst fishing south of the Nab Tower and so could not start its engine. The Bembridge all-weather lifeboat went to its aid and towed it to the West Pole Beacon where the Atlantic 85 met it and took over the tow. ‘Chinook ‘ was brought into the harbour and taken to Sparkes Marina and the Hayling Lifeboat returned to the station.


Yacht taking on water in trouble

Boats launched : Atlantic 85 and D-class

Date : Saturday 1 December

Launched at : 14:23

Returned at : 16:05

Weather : Clear and with some light cloud but with a cold WNW F4 wind.

The skipper of the yacht ‘Tapestry’ called the Solent Coastguard to report that he was taking on water and to ask for assistance. The Atlantic 85 went to her aid and found the water level was already at the bunk tops and the yachts own bilge pumps were not coping. The lifeboat salvage pump failed and so the yacht was taken in tow and the D-Class boat was launched to recover the salvage pump and bring it back for repair. Fortunately Hayling Rescue met the lifeboat and had another salvage pump which then stemmed the rise of the incoming water. The next problem however was that there was no crane driver available at Sparkes Marina. A driver was located at Northney Marina and came with all speed to Sparkes, the lifeboat towed ‘Tapestry’ into the marina, and she was lifted out of the water to a safe haven on shore. The water was found to have been entering through a damaged stern gland.

Both boats then returned towards the station but teh Atlantic 85 was called out on another task.



Aircraft mistaken for red flares?

Boats launched : Atlantic 85 and D-Class

Date : Friday 30 November

Launched at : 21:05

Returned at : 22:15

Weather : Very cold and clear with a bright moon. Wind NW F2.

Sightings of two red flares was passed to Solent Coastguard who asked for both boats to search the top of the harbour between the bridge onto Hayling and Emsworth.  All channels and boats on moorings were checked for anyone in distress from the Ship Inn to Emsworth marina.

Nothing was found. It is likely that, due to the cold and very clear night, aircraft lights could have been mistaken for flares. The lifeboat crew noted that aircraft were stacked up ready for landing at Gatwick airport and this mistake has happened in the past.  Both boats returned to the station and were made ready for further service.



Crew rescued on a very cold night

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Friday 30 November

Launched at : 00:25

Returned at : 01:40

Weather : Calm and very clear with a bright moon. Very cold, just above freezing point. Wind N Force 2

At 12.25am on Saturday November 30 the Hayling Island RNLI Lifeboat was called out to go to the aid of a 30ft Westerly yacht ‘Whisper ‘ whose skipper and crew were advised by Northney Marina staff not to set sail. They set out on a trip which would take them via Cowes and then on eventually to Gibraltar. The conditions were calm but it was possibly the coldest night of the winter with temperatures around freezing point.

They left the marina but ran aground on a falling tide and the security guard, fearing they might try to swim ashore, rang the Solent Coastguard. The Atlantic 85 lifeboat was launched and met the yacht. The lifeboat crew persuaded the skipper to divert to Sparkes Marina and a crewman went on board to assist. The yacht, travelling very slowly was escorted to Sparkes, briefly running aground again at Marker point.

Later on Saturday morning the Coastguards returned and interviewed the two crew with the result that the boat is restricted to stay in the marina and the incident will be further investigated. Lifeboat Station Operations Manager Jonathan Bradbury said ‘We are very pleased to have been able to prevent what might have become a more serious issue.’



Boat needs a tow.

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Saturday 24 November

Launched at : 09:00

Returned at : 09:45

Weather : Steady moderate rain and with a F4/5 E wind.

Solent Coastguard, in response to a request from Sparkes Marina, asked for assistance for a vessel whose engine had failed. The Atlantic 85 was launched and went to the vessel in the Emsworth Channel, to find her aground on the mud. She had no VHF and had not been able to contact the Coastguard by mobile phone.

A crew member went on board and the vessel was re-floated and taken under tow to Sparkes Marina. The lifeboat then returned to the station and was made ready for service.



Local sailor just misses the rocks!

Boats launched : Atlantic 85 and D-Class

Date : Friday 9 November

Launched at : 18:45

Returned at : 19:35

Weather : Dark and with a SW F4 wind

An elderly sailor had navigated across Hayling Bay and round the Chichester Bar Beacon but then his electronic navigation aids went on the blink. He was in his 28ft motor yacht ‘Ebb Tide’ and has been sailing for many years but lost his way in the confusion and ran aground on the beach within 10 feet of one of the very large rock groynes.

He called the Solent Coastguard who asked the Hayling Island RNLI Lifeboat Station to go to his assistance. The Atlantic 85 lifeboat was launched and reached him very quickly as he was very close to the lifeboat station. The first concern was for the skipper who was not visible on board and so the D-Class inshore lifeboat was launched and a shore crew sent to investigate. The skipper was found on board but clearly shaken by the situation with the boat being lifted and banged down onto the shingle and sand shore.

The lifeboat crew heeled the heavy boat to one side to free her off the sand, and with a tow attached managed to pull her off the beach and tow her round to Sparkes Marina. She was checked for any water coming into the boat and the crew made sure the casualty was also alright. Once lifted the following day the extensive damage to the vessels rudder and keels was apparent. Senior Helmsman Andy Ferguson said ‘He was very fortunate to have missed the rocks on the point as the damage and outcome could well have been much worse.’

Once all was safe the boats returned to the station and were made ready for service.



Vulnerable Man rescued at East Head.

Boats launched : Atlantic 85 & D-Class

Date : Sunday 21 October

Launched at : 15:45

Returned at : 16:30

Weather : Overcast with a WNW F4 wind.

The police asked for assistance in searching for a vulnerable 69 year old man with a very low mental age who had gone missing at W Wittering. The D-boat was launched to search the shoreline from E Head to W Wittering.  One minute after launch the Coastguard requested assistance for a man stuck in the mud apparently also at W Wittering, but this suggested Snowhill Creek, the only area of mud!

The station manager responded by launching the Atlantic 85 and agreeing that the D-boat would go to Snowhill Creek and the Atlantic 85 take over the shoreline search. It soon became apparent that the 2 missing persons were the same man and he was located at the top of Snowhill Creek lying on the mud. He was unable to communicate with the crew member but gave him his ID. A crew member from the Atlantic 85 who could use sign language also tried to communicate but the man did not respond. Unable to determine what was wrong with him, the two crew members with the ambulance crew put him on a stretcher and carried him to the ambulance.

Both boats then returned to the station and were made ready for service.



Fishing boat has engine trouble

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Saturday 20 October

Launch at : 17:17

Returned at : 18:10

Weather : Calm and fine with a F3 Easterly wind

Solent Coastguard requested we go to assist a small fishing boat which had broken the pull-cord on its engine and so could not start it. The casualty vessel was 2.5 miles S of Chichester Harbour, so the Atlantic 85 was launched and went to assist. Once at the scene a crew member went on board and tried to start the outboard engine with a spare pull cord, but all efforts failed and it refused to start.

The fishing boat was therefore taken in tow back towards Langstone Harbour. The Portsmouth Lifeboat was also out and towing another boat in, but ended this task and so was asked to take over the towing of the fishing boat back into Langstone Harbour. The two lifeboats met in Hayling Bay, where the tow was passed on and the Hayling Atlantic returned to Hayling Lifeboat station.


Kite surfer helped by his instructor.

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Wednesday 17 October

Launched at : 16:57

Returned at : 17.:20

Weather : Cloudy with a WNW F4 wind.

A kite surfer was seen by a member of the public to be unable to get his kite back up so he called the Coastguard who requested that we go to help. During the time between message, launch and reaching the kite surfer, the kite surfers instructor had swum out to help. Together they had reached the shore and indicated that they were both safe and well so the lifeboat returned to the station.


Floating dinghy investigated.

Boat launched : D-Class

Date : Monday 15 October

Launched at : 09:42

Returned at : 10:13

Weather : Fine with slight sea and W wind F4

A member of the public reported a dinghy drifting 200m south of the Bracklesham Bay Car Park. Solent Coastguard requested we launch and investigate, fearing someone may have gone overboard. The D-Class lifeboat was soon on the scene to discover a partially submerged dinghy, probably used as a boat tender, but with no engine, oars, nor sign of a crew. It had most likely come adrift and had been in the water for some time. As the tender was marked with name and mobile number it was taken ashore and handed over to the Selsey Coastguard to further investigate.

The D-Class returned to the station and was made ready for future service.



Paddleboarder fighting the tide.

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date: Friday 28 September

Launched at : 15:00

Returned at : 15:20

Weather : Force 4 WSW wind and rough seas

On a strong ebb tide a paddle boarder was struggling to get into the harbour and a member of the public called the Solent Coastguard. The Atlantic 85 was launched and found the boarder on the far side of the channel aiming to work his way up tide and then to shoot across to reach the shore. He was however grateful to accept a lift together with his paddle board back to the Lifeboat Station.

The Atlantic was made ready for further service.


Laser dinghy crew in trouble

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Monday 17 September

Launched at : 17:28

Returned at : 19:40

Weather : Dry and good visibility with a F5 SW wind.

Solent Coastguard were called by the yacht ‘Benvenuto’ which had picked up two crew from a capsized Laser sailing dinghy off the harbour entrance. The yacht had taken the dinghy in tow and had the two casualties in the cabin but they were concerned about them suffering from mild hypothermia. The Atlantic 85 was launched and met the yacht at East Head, took the casualties off and returned them to the Lifeboat Station where they were met by the Hayling Community Responders and shortly after by an ambulance. After a thorough check the two dinghy sailors were pronounced to be alright and not needing to go to hospital, so the coastguards arranged for them to be collected.

Meanwhile the Atlantic 85 had returned to the rescuers on board ‘Benvenuto’ to take the dinghy from them and towed it to Thorney Island Sailing Club from where the two sailors had set out. They made it secure above the high water mark and then returned to the station to make ready for further service.


Young children missing at Wittering

Boat launched : Atlantic 85 and then D-Class

Date: Sunday 9 September

Launched at : 11:16 and diverted at 11:28

Returned to training at : 11:55

Weather : Fine with a SSE Force 3 wind

The Atlantic 85 was on a training exercise and was diverted by a request from Solent Coastguards to search for a 3 yr old girl who had gone missing on Wittering Beach. She had last been seen near the waters edge. The water was quite shallow however and so the helmsman of the Atlantic 85 asked that we launch the D-Class which could work further inshore.

The Selsey Coastguard joined the search and the Chichester Harbour Patrol was asked to ferry the Hayling Coastguard Response team from Hayling to the Wittering Beach. With all these folk involved the girl was quickly found having wandered off to another area of the beach.  As the teams were about to stand down another report of a missing child was received, this time a 7 yr old boy who had been at the waters edge with a body board. He however was found within a short time by one of the Wittering Lifeguards.

Both boats then returned, the Atlantic to its training excercise and the D-Class to the station.


Engine fire prevented and yacht saved.

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date: Saturday 8 September

Launch at : 17:00

Returned at : 18:43

Weather : Cloudy with a SW F4 wind.

The Atlantic 85 was launched to go to a yacht ‘Summer Wine’ some 2 miles offshore who had engine trouble and with smoke issuing from the engine compartment. A crew member went on board and found that the engine hatches were very hot but that no further smoke was coming out. The helmsman decided to take off the 3 crew and the vessel was taken on a long tow towards the harbour entrance.

The helmsman asked the Coastguard to call the Fire Service and two fire tenders arrived forthwith at the Lifeboat station with the Coastguard Mobile Patrol and Police officers following the Operation Procedure for such incidents. The 3 crew were transferred to the Chichester Harbour patrol vessel and landed at the Lifeboat Station, where they talked with the Fire Officer. Once he had discovered that the yacht had a 4.5kg gas cylinder on board the area was cordoned off and the yacht was beached.

Two fire officers in protective kit and with breathing apparatus went on board and confirmed there was no fire, so teh Harbour master gave authority for the boat to be relaunched and towed to Sparkes Marina. After a detailed investigation it was found that the engine had blown the head gasket and an injector had been spraying diesel onto the exhaust, so a fire was narrowly averted. The lifeboat and other service vehicles were stood down and the Atlantic 85 returned to the station and was made ready for further service.



Young crew rescued from a ketch taking on water

Boat launched:  Atlantic 85

Date:  Thursday 6 September

Launched at:  22:38

Returned at: 00:50

Weather : Westerly wind Force 3

A ketch rigged yacht with skipper, crew and a 13 month old baby on board had started to take on water and so the skipper had beached her at East Head. Solent Coastguard asked us to go to her assistance so the Atlantic 85 was launched with a salvage pump on board and quickly reached the scene. The vessel was aground and so a crew member walked with the pump to the ketch.

The lady crew and the baby had left the yacht and were on East Head and they were cold in the night air. The helmsman decided to take them back to the station to warm up, leaving a crew member with the task of pumping out the vessel. Once landed the mother and baby were collected by the families parents.

Returning to the ketch it was found that the vessels stern gland was leaking and so it was decided to launch the ketch maintaining the pump out process and tow it to Itchenor where it was met by the Selsey Coastguard Mobile Unit and beached next to the Harbour Masters pontoon. Once done the lifeboat returned to the station and was made ready for further service.


Paddle boarder seen going out to sea.

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Monday 27th August

Launched at : 20:06

Returned at : 20:25

Weather :  F5 S wind and a bit choppy.

A paddle boarder was reported off E Wittering going out to sea despite the on-shore wind. Solent Coastguard requested we launch and make a search from West to East along the shore. Once on site a crewman was put ashore to talk to a boarder on the beach but he was not the reported casualty. Shortly after this Solent Coastguard was told by the original informant that the boarder was safe ashore and so the lifeboat was stood down.

The lifeboat returned to the Station and was made ready for further service.



Sailboarder rescued by his mates

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 26th August

Launched at : 11:12

Returned at : 11:23

Weather : F5 W wind and choppy.

A member of the public made a 999 call to Solent Coastguard about a windsurfer in difficulty off Beachlands Funfair and calling for help. The Atlantic 85 was afloat on training and went to assist but found that other sailboarders had gone out and brought the casualty ashore.

The lifeboat resumed it’s training exercise.



Drifting Yacht with no crew

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Thursday 23rd August

Launched at : 06:51

Returned at : 07:44

Weather : F3 NW wind and calm

Only 5 minutes after returning from launch number 49 Solent Coastguard asked the lifeboat to go to Northney Channel where a Hurley 22 yacht was drifting without any crew on board. The lifeboat went to this location but found no casualty and so was able to use VHF to talk to the vessel that had discovered the drifting yacht. It transpired that the Hurley was in the Thorney Channel! The lifeboat re-located, found the yacht and went on board to make sure no-one was present. The Hurley was then taken in tow and put onto a mooring off Thorney Island Sailing Club.

The lifeboat then returned to the Sation and was made ready for further service.


Fishing Boat runs out of fuel

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Thursday 23rd August

Launched at : 06:09

Returned at : 06:46

Weather : F3 NW wind and fairly calm

An ‘early bird’ fisherman was embarrassed at calling the Solent Coastguard for assistance since he had run out of fuel and his anchor was not holding in the strong ebb tide. The Atlantic 85 was launched and located him just South of the Chichester Bar Beacon. He admitted that he had ‘left the spare fuel can on the quay and wished he’d never got out of bed!’  The lifeboat took him in tow to Sparkes Marina and once safely there returned to the Station and was made ready for further service.


Rib runs aground on East Winner Bank

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Tuesday 21st August

Launched at : 21:47

Returned at : 22:20

Weather : F5 WSW wind and slight seas

Solent Coastguard contacted the Lifeboat Station shortly after the crew had returned from the previous rescue, as a PAN PAN call had been received from an 8m Rib which was aground off the mouth of Langstone Harbour. It was taking in water over its stern. The Atlantic 85 quickly reached the advised location and could not find the vessel, so asked the rib to count down from 10 to 0 and used the lifeboats VHF Direction Finding equipment to pinpoint the actual location. The casualty was in shallow water on the middle East Winner Bank. A crew member went on board and managed to lift the stern drive and this enabled the boat to be moved into deeper water. The rib then was able to re-start its engine and was escorted around the E Winner to safer water.

The lifeboat crew member was returned to the lifeboat, which made its way back to the Station and was made ready for further service.



Two caught by the tide

Boat Launched: D-Class

Date : Tuesday 21st August

Launch at : 20:44

Returned at : 21:05

Weather : F5 WSW wind and sea slight.

Two people were seen on a sandbank at Eastoke having been cut off by the tide. They then tried to swim ashore and were not making it, so the D-Class lifeboat was launched at the request of the Solent Coastguard and reached West Pole Sands where a crew member was put ashore. He walked the casualties and made sure they didn’t try to swim across the swashway to the shore as it was much deeper than the water they had been in. The two wer taken on board the lifeboat and landed back at the Lifeboat Station into the care of the Coastguards.

The lifeboat was then made ready for further service.


Two men lucky to be rescued.

Boats launched: Atlantic 85 and D boat

Date: Sunday 19th  August

Launched at: 17:50

Returned at : 19:00

Weather : Slight sea with a F3-4 W wind

Two young men swimming were being swept out to sea at West Wittering. One of them was able to make the shore and raise the alarm. The Atlantic 85 lifeboat crew were still at the station and launched quickly followed by the assembled D boat crew. By the time the lifeboats arrived on scene the first young man had made it to the shore, but was exhausted, sick and may have taken in sea water. The lifeboat crews recovered the other casualty from the water and the helicopter was requested. The Coastguard helicopter landed on the beach and the two casualties were assisted into the helicopter by the lifeboat crew. The Helicopter took the two men to Portsmouth Queen Alexander Hospital. where they were treated and released.

Before they could return to the station having transferred the two exhausted swimmers to the Coastguard helicopter the lifeboats were tasked to look for 2 missing children from West Wittering beach. The lifeboats searched the shoreline as close to the beach as possible, working their way westwards. The children were found ashore safe and well 15 minutes later.

Then the boats returned to the station and were made ready for service.



Speed boat wants a free tow!

Boat launched: Atlantic 85

Date: Sunday 19th  August

Launched at: 16:20

Returned at : 17:17

Weather: Slight sea conditions with a F3-4 W wind

Having brought another casualty into Chichester harbour, Selsey lifeboat came across a broken down open speed boat anchored to the south east of the harbour entrance. They asked Solent Coastguard for Hayling lifeboat to take them in tow up to Itchenor. Initially this was refused and Sparks Marina was suggested as an alternative. This was agreed and the lifeboat launched. As they passed the station the coastguard was informed that Sparks Marina was “very reluctant to accept this casualty”. After a few minutes the Chichester Harbour Patrol agreed to take over the tow. This took place just north of East Head.

The lifeboat then returned to station and was made ready for further service.


Children missing and struggling in the sea

Boats launched: Atlantic 85 and D boat

Date: Saturday 18th August

Launched at: 15:30

Returned at : 16:45

Weather: Calm sea conditions with a F2 NNW wind

Solent Coastguard requested the launch of the D boat to search for a missing child at West Wittering beach. As nothing was initially founnd  the Atlantic 85 was launched to join the search. The child was found ashore safe and well half an hour later. Theboats were then immediately tasked to look for another child followed by another 5 minutes later.  All missing children were found safe ashore 7 minutes later.

The Atlantic been released from searching for missing children at West Wittering beach when the crew noticed 2 young teenagers being swept eastwards along the beach and out to sea. They were exhausted and waving for help. The lifeboat picked them up and put them ashore, reuniting them with their parents who were unaware of their predicament.

The lifeboats returned to the station and were made ready for further service.


Boats need help in the harbour.

Boat launched: Atlantic 85

Date: Saturday 18th  August

Launched at: 11:00

Returned at : 14:10

Weather: Calm sea conditions with a F2 WNW wind

Returning from supporting the Emsworth fundraising branch at their Emsworth quay sale the Atlantic 85 happened upon a capsized Mirror dingy in Emsworth harbour. The single man was unable to right the dinghy because the dagger board had dropped out and floated away.  The lifeboat crew retrievedthe dagger board and helped right the dinghy. The dinghy then proceeded on it’s way unaided.

A minute after righting the capsized Mirror dinghy a man on his boat on a mooring attracted the attention of the lifeboat crew. He had broken his steering and been put back on his mooring by another boat, but in the process his tender had become free and was drifting ashore. The crew retrieved the tender and continued to return to the station and was made ready for further service.


Yellow Dinghy drifts off.

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Saturday 11th August

Launched at : 14:06

Returned at : 14:35

Weather : Bright and sunny but with a strong Force 6 Easterly wind.

Two young boys had gone out from the beach at Eastoke in a small bright yellow inflatable dinghy. In the weather conditions, with a strong cross wind along the shore, they found they were not coping and became distressed. The Atlantic 85 was launched and went to their assistance, but in the short time it took to reach them they had already been blown to a position in line with the ‘Olive Leaf’ public house.

The crew took them and their dinghy to safety ashore, handed them over to the Coastguard, then returned to the station and was made ready for further service.


Children missing at Wittering beach

Boats Launched: Atlantic 85 and the D-Class

Date: Friday 10th August

Launched at: 15:30

Returned at: 17:00

Weather: Warm & sunny with a light F2 southerly wind

A 5 year old child went missing on West Wittering beach and so both lifeboats were launched to search the area. Some crew went ashore to search, whilst the boats started a sea search close in to the beach. Three more children were reported missing whilst the crews were still searching for the 5 year old. After some time all the missing children were accounted for and so the lifeboats were stood down, returned to the station, and were made ready for further service.




Service Numbers 2019

Total Launches: 84
Atlantic 85: 42
D-Class: 42

Services Totals

2015 - 67
2014 -77
2013 - 86
2012 - 77

Tide Times

Tide Times & Heights for Chichester Harbour (Entrance) onSunday, 19 September 2021
Low Tide:04:05 ( 1.10m )
High Tide:11:43 ( 4.60m )
Low Tide:16:27 ( 1.10m )
High Tide:23:51 ( 4.60m )

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