Concussed Kite-Surfer rescued.

Boat Launched : D-Class

Date : Monday 12 August

Launched at : 20:00

Returned at : 20:50

Weather : Cloudy and with a F4 N wind

Local kite-surfer Pete Winsor was on Wittering Beach on the evening of 12 August when he was knocked unconscious but after ‘coming round’ went to sea in a brisk wind. The Hayling Island RNLI Lifeboat was sent to investigate and brought the surfer ashore as he was in a confused condition.

Pete and his kite-surfing colleague are both Firemen and after work they decided to go kite-surfing. Pete proceeded to rig his kite and in doing so caught a bang on his head and was knocked unconscious. A member of the public, thought to be an off-duty para-medic gave Pete assistance and put him into the recovery position whilst going for help. After being unconscious for a few minutes Pete came round, and with no recollection of what had happened, completed rigging and went out to sea ignoring the shouts of the para-medic who immediately called Solent Coastguard. They paged the Hayling Lifeboat and also dispatched local coastguards and called an ambulance.

The RNLI smaller D-class lifeboat was launched and they were directed to their target by the on-scene coastguard who had made contact with the caller and been updated with details of the colour of the kite. The lifeboat crew talked to the kite surfer who was continuing to ‘surf’ but the crew felt that he appeared confused and was unable to recollect any of the incident described. He was persuaded to go ashore for medical treatment and after an assessment in the ambulance was taken to St Richards Hospital suffering from concussion and was kept in overnight.

Pete has suffered a total loss of memory of the incident and several days later said’ I cannot remember anything from getting home and then waking up in hospital the next morning. I don’t remember the drive to Wittering nor being hit on the head.’ Pete was kept under observation overnight but was sent home and has had a couple of days with bad headaches. Thanks to the alert action of the caller this incident, which could have been very serious, ended well and Pete would dearly love to make contact with the para-medic to thank him for his prompt action and assistance. So if you are out there do call the Hayling Island RNLI Press Officer on 07749061220 and we’ll put you in touch with Pete.


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