As well as the Boat Crew’s our Shore Helper’s train for the worst cases, one of these is retrieving launching equipment if it becomes bogged down for any reason. Our launch recovery area is changing regularly due to the coastal erosion on Hayling Island, so it is essential our Shore Helpers are trained to recover the lifeboats no matter what the sea, weather and environmental conditions throw at them.

We hope to have a video soon.  


Service Numbers 2019

Total Launches: 84
Atlantic 85: 42
D-Class: 42

Services Totals

2015 - 67
2014 -77
2013 - 86
2012 - 77

Tide Times

Tide Times & Heights for Chichester Harbour (Entrance) onWednesday, 08 December 2021
High Tide:02:08 ( 4.80m )
Low Tide:07:09 ( 1.20m )
High Tide:14:15 ( 4.70m )
Low Tide:19:36 ( 1.10m )

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