Services 2018

2018 Services

Mud-larks saved and a phantom fisherman discovered.

Date : Saturday 2 June and Sunday 3rd.

Lifebaots launched : D-Class and Atlantic 85.

Three people took a short cut across the mud and needed rescuing, whilst a fisherman in a kayak eludes discovery!

On the June Bank Holiday weekend a man and a woman with a 10 year old child decided to take a short cut across the mud at East Head in Chichester Harbour. All three got stuck in the mud but managed to make it to a post marking the channel and were spotted by someone on the beach who called 999 for help. We launched the D-Class lifeboat and put a crewman ashore in Snow Hill Creek, whilst the lifeboat continued its search. The three casualties were spotted clinging to the post as the tide rose around them. They were relieved to be taken into the lifeboat and checked over. They were OK and didn’t need medical assistance so they were taken back to W Wittering beach and left with the Selsey Coastguard

On Sunday 3 June a man was seen fishing from his kayak off the Hayling Beach. A little later his kayak was spotted empty and there was no sign of him. We went to search, found the kayak and put a crewman ashore who quickly discovered the fisherman who had anchored his kayak and decided to fish from the beach!!  Mystery solved.


Busy May Bank Holiday weekend

Dates : Sunday 6 May and Monday 7 May

Boats Launched : Both lifeboats, several times

Weather : Sunny and warm

The holiday weekend with warm and sunny weather attracted lots of people to Hayling and W Wittering.  On Sunday a child went missing at W Wittering and then was found but we were diverted to tow a boat home. Later a yacht suffered a burst hose and was taking in water and a fishing boat towed her to safety.

On the Monday starting at around 14;00 children were reported missing so frequently that the lifeboats stayed afloat and close to the W Wittering beaches. No lifeguards were operating as they start later in the year but the unseasonably fine weather brought lots of visitors. In the two hours we assisted, 14 children were reported as missing and searched for, but happily they were all found safe and well ashore.


Kite surfer hitches a ride on a paddle board.

Date : Sunday 22 April

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

We launched the lifeboat following a call that a kite surfer was in trouble and had packed down his gear but hadn’t moved for about 3o mins. We went to a position off the Hayling Funfair and found the kite surfer on a paddle board together with the paddle boarder who was rescuing him. As they were making good progress we escorted them ashore and the local Coastguard took charge of the kite surfer.


Yacht aground on W Pole Sands.

Date: Sunday 15 April

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

After some confusion over the location of the yacht, a 22 ft sloop, she was found on W Pole Sands.  A crew member went aboard and established a tow and the yacht was taken to a swinging mooring at Bosham. The two crew from the yacht were then taken back to the lifeboat station from where they got a taxi home.


Slippers found on the shore

Boats launched : Atlantic 85 and D-Class

Date : Sunday 25 March

Launched at : 09:10

Returned at : 10:10

Weather : Cold early morning with a F3 N wind.

Early on Sunday 25 March, the UK Coastguard, following a call from Hampshire Police, asked us to join the search for a 41 year old lady who was in a distressed state and last seen at 05:00.  Her slippers had been found on the shore line at Cockle Rythe. Both Lifeboats were launched and due to the ebb tide the D-Class was asked to search the creeks and inlets as long as the tide allowed. The Atlantic 85 searched the more major channels and coastguard search teams arrived to start a shore line search. After an hour the Police reported that the person had been found safe at home, so both lifeboats were released and returned to station.



Hayling RNLI Lifeboat save a kayaker on their first shout in 2018

Date: Friday 23 February.

Lifeboat launched : Atlantic 85

On Friday 23 February a local man capsized from his kayak and the alarm was raised by dog walkers when he struggled to get back on board.

Solent Coastguard alerted the Hayling Island RNLI lifeboat station at 15:31 with a fresh easterly wind blowing and cold air and sea temperatures. Six minutes later the Atlantic 85 Lifeboat was on its way to a reported position in Hayling Bay opposite the Lifeboat Inn. The kayaker after struggling to get back into his kayak set off to swim ashore supported by his buoyancy aid but he quickly became tired in the cold water.

Dog walkers on the beach, who had dialled 999, entered the water to drag the exhausted casualty through the surf and to the shore. Sharon Swan lifeboat crew member was put ashore on arrival and realised very quickly that the man was suffering severe hypothermia. The helm on the lifeboat called the station paramedic to assist. They gave the man first aid treatment and an ambulance was called which fortunately arrived quickly on the scene. The man was immediately transferred to hospital where his core temperature was found to be below 30 deg C. He was kept in hospital until the following Monday when he was well enough to be discharged.

 Sharon said of the rescue, ‘The casualty was in a very cold sea for some time and was lucky to survive. Whilst on the beach his wife was telling him off for going out in such cold conditions and we would echo that advice but we are all pleased that he was OK and that as an RNLI crew we could help to save a life.’


Service Numbers 2019

Total Launches: 84
Atlantic 85: 42
D-Class: 42

Services Totals

2015 - 67
2014 -77
2013 - 86
2012 - 77

Tide Times

Tide Times & Heights for Chichester Harbour (Entrance) onSunday, 19 September 2021
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Low Tide:16:27 ( 1.10m )
High Tide:23:51 ( 4.60m )

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