Services 2014

2014 Services

‘Moths’ in trouble

Boat Launched: Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 6 July

Launched at: 16:24

Returned at: 17:15

Weather: bright and clear but with a strong F6 W wind

Several Moth Class sailing dinghies, a very fast boat which uses a hydrofoil, got into trouble returning to Chichester Harbour. Solent Coastguard requested assistance and on scene the Atlantic 85 crew was informed that there were in fact 3 dinghies in difficulties in the F6 wind and the consequent wave action. A HISC rescue boat was assisting the first of these so the lifeboat went in search of the other two. Having found the second one and with Hayling Rescue rib on scene, they asked them to assist this second helm. The third dinghy was located and the boat and crew were taken on board the lifeboat. The first two dinghy helms managed to right their craft and sailed back into the harbour escorted by the HISC rib and Hayling Rescue, whilst the lifeboat brought up the rear of this procession with helm and boat on board. Once all were ashore at HISC the lifeboat returned to the station.


Lady with a badly cut leg

Boat Launched: Atlantic 85

Date: Sunday 6 July

Launched at: 00:04

Returned at 01:35

Weather: Clear but full darkness and a F3 SW wind

A boat at anchor at East Head called 999 to ambulance and police alerting them to cries from a lady that she had lacerated her leg. The Atlantic 85 was launched and was quickly on scene. Crew spoke to the boat reporting the incident but all other boats were in darkness. The helm decided to put two crew ashore to search. They found the lady being attended to by ambulance paramedics and assisted them as required. The lady had slippped and had a very deep gash on her leg caused by a broken bottle. The crew were able to supply trauma dressings to the paramedics. The Selsey Coastguard, police and Witterings Estate team arrived and the lifeboat returned to the station to get the basket stretcher in case the casualty needed to be transferred by sea. After considering all options however the W Witterning All Terrain Vehicle was used to take her to the ambulance and the lifeboat crew returned to their boat and all returned to the station.


Hayling RNLI save ‘Bella’ and avert a more serious incident.

Boat Launched: D-Class

Date: Sunday 22 June

Launched at: 15:50

Returned at: 16:40

Weather: Fine and bright with F4 SE wind

Bailey and Bella after the rescue

Bailey and Bella after the rescue

On Sunday afternoon 22 June ‘Bella’ a Staffordshire bull terrier, swam into the Chichester Harbour entrance, became confused and was at risk of being run down by vessels entering the Harbour. She was rescued by the Hayling Island RNLI Lifeboat

Senior Helm Andy Ferguson from the Hayling RNLI was on the beach with his family at Sandy Point and noticed a commotion in the harbour entrance. ‘Bella’ was about 200m offshore and distressed, and was not responding to her lady owner’s frantic calling. The dog owner’s partner had swum out to the dog and was trying in vain to catch her but he was beginning to struggle apparently more than the dog. Several members of the public and boat owners entering the harbour tried to rescue them, but other vessels narrowly missed the swimmer and his dog.

Andy called Solent Coastguard and asked for a lifeboat launch as a swimmer was in grave and imminent danger. He also shouted several times to the swimmer in the water that he should return to shore and that the RNLI were launching the lifeboat.

The D-Class lifeboat was launched and since the incident was local to the lifeboat station arrived very quickly and in the words of an on scene boat owner ‘Hayling Lifeboat arrived and skilfully ran alongside, plucked the dog from the sea and returned it to the owner on the beach.’ Bailey Birchall (pictured with Bella) the son of the dog’s owner was delighted to be re-united with his pet. The owners’ partner had by this time managed to swim back to the shore and was unhurt. Andy Ferguson said ‘We are delighted to have been able to avert a possibly more tragic incident and are glad that the owners and their dog are all happily safe and sound.’ Miss Sarah Jones, Baileys aunt said, ‘I’m always down her on the beach and we see the lifeboats and crews. We are so grateful to everyone for their swift action.’


Speedboat in difficulties

Boat diverted: Atlantic 85

Date: Sunday 22 June

Diverted at: 11:00

Returned at: 12:05

Weather: Fine with a F3 SE wind

Whilst going to a planned exercise with Selsey All Weather Lifeboat the Atlantic 85 was diverted to support a speedboat with engine trouble 1 mile SE of Selsey Lifeboat Station.  The speedboat was found and the 3 crew had managed to get the engine running but it was ‘hunting’ and not sounding reliable. Solent Coastguard agreed that the Hayling Lifeboat should escort the speedboat back to Chichester Harbour. Once in the harbour the Harbour patrol vessel took over the escort duty and the Atlantic 85 returned to the station.


‘Dragon Slayer’ stranded by the Nab Tower.

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 15 June

Launched at : 13:22

Returned at : 15:05

Weather: Clear with a F4 Easterly wind.

‘Dragon Slayer’ a small motor boat was unable to start its engine and was approximately 1 mile east of the Nab Tower. The Atlantic 85 lifeboat was launched, quickly reached the position and took the boat in tow. She was brought into the harbour and an alongside tow rigged to take her into Sparkes Marina.


Charter Yacht needs help

Boat diverted: Atlantic 85

Date: Thursday 5 June

Diverted at: 16:20

Released at: 18:45

Weather: Fresh to strong SW F5/6

Solent Coastguard requested help for a 40ft Charter Yacht on passage from France to Chichester Harbour, who had engine failure and was entering the Harbour on a reefed jib sail. The lifeboat was out on exercises and diverted to the yacht and took her in tow to a mooring off Itchenor. A crew member went on board and managed to get the engine going, but also discovered that they had no fresh water. The lifeboat therefore escorted them back towards Sparkes Marina but approaching HISC the engine cut out. A new tow was established and the yacht taken into Sparkes Marina. The lifeboat then returned to the Lifeboat Station.


‘Bodies’ in the water ?

Boat Launched : D-Class

Date: Monday 26 May

Launched at : 16:45

Returned at: 17:10

Weather; Clear with F4 NW wind

A member of the public called 999 to report what looked to be two ‘bodies’ in the water close to a sandbank off W Wittering Beach. The D-Class lifeboat went to the identified spot and found two snorkellers very much alive, and no other casualties in the water. After checking back with Solent Coastguard and the telephone caller to ensure the lifeboat was in the correct area the crew advised the snorkellers to contact Solent Coastguards if they were going to swim again in this area.


Young man floats off into the night

Boat Launched : D-Class

Date : Monday 12 May

Launched at : 23:30

Returned at : 00:40

Weather : Fine with moderate wind.

We were tasked late on Monday 12 May to go to help a person who had drifted from their moored boat ‘Opus’ itself on the moorings in Bosham Channel. Arriving at the scene the lifeboat crew found a young man in a small tender with no engine, oars, or lifejacket and not really dressed for a trip in the night. Despite a strong ebb tide and little water in the channel, the D-Class lifeboat crew managed to get a line to the man and were able to tow him back to his boat to rejoin his two friends. After making sure they were all OK and with a friendly word of advice about sea safety the lifeboat returned to the station.


RNLI rescue man in danger in Chichester Harbour

Boat Launched : D-Class

Date : Saturday 10 May

Launched at : 17:25

Returned at : 18:45

Weather : Strong F7 gusting 8 SW wind

54 year old Andy Lawson was rescued on Saturday 10 May from Chichester Harbour having been left in the water when his tender hit an obstruction, spiralled out of control and flipped. At the time, late in the afternoon, there was a SW Force 7 and the sea was quite rough on the east side of Hayling Bridge making passage difficult..

The wind was blowing hard across the top of Langstone Harbour and under the bridge to where the casualties’ boat was moored, and the owner having spent a couple of days on board doing jobs and getting ready for the sailing season prepared to leave the boat. With  the oars for the tender and its outboard engine safely transferred he set off in the tender to go ashore. The outboard hit an obstruction and lost power and in the wind he spiralled downwind onto the ancient Wadeway.  His bad luck continued as the tender flipped twice in the wind breaking his finger! He was resolute however and tried to walk to shore, but it was too deep and he lost his shoes so returned to the shingle bank of the causeway. Realising he was surrounded by deeper water and with a rising tide he had no option but to call 999 for help.

The Hayling Island RNLI D-Class Lifeboat was launched at 5:25pm in response to the call, was quickly on the scene, and found the man. They took him and his various items into the lifeboat and having wrapped him in a thermal blanket to keep warm took him to Langstone Sailing Club. Once the crew were sure he was OK he joined colleague club members who took charge of looking after him. Then the lifeboat crew went looking for his tender which had travelled some way on the wind. It was found on the Northney Shore, recovered, and taken back to the sailing club and secured!  Mr Lawson said ‘I will be forever grateful to Andy Ferguson (Senior Helm) and the D-Class crew, who not only hoiked me from the Wadeway but also saved my tender.’ Mr Lawson showed great determination and fortitude in trying to solve his situation and avoid calling for help. We are all glad he did so however.



Fishing Boat with a fouled propellor

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Thursday 24 April

Launched at : 10:35

Returned at : 12:05

The Atlantic 85 was launched to go to the assistance of a 21ft fishing boat with 4 crew reported to be 2nm east of Langstone Harbour Entrance. Once at the reported position the lifeboat crew could not see the casualty but was able to talk to them directly on VHF radio. It was established that they were several miles to the east of Chichester Bar Beacon, so the lifeboat went to the new position and located them immediately, established a tow and took them into Sparkes Marina.


Two young men lost in the dark.

Boats launched : Atlantic 85 and D-Class

Date : Monday 14 April

Launched at : 22:17

Returned at : 22:55

Weather : Cold and clear with a F3 NE wind.

Solent Coastguards received a 999 call from two men in their early 20’s who were not sure exactly where they were but knew they were somewhere on the E Head peninsula. It was a dark night with a cold NE wind and the tide was coming in, so with some urgency the two lifeboats were launched. The Atlantic 85 started a search along the E Head shoreline, and the D-Class went into the shallower water in Snowhill Creek. Shortly after this a second call was made to the Coastguards with the men saying they could see flashing blue lights so the lifeboat crew knew they were close to them. They were soon discovered in the tidal zone of Snowhill Creek and the D-Class took them on board. Having checked that they were OK and not needing medical help they were taken to E Head and handed over safe and sound into the care of the local Selsey Coastguard Unit.




Kitesurfer taken to safety

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 30 March

Launched at : 13:50

Returned at : 14:30

Weather : Calm and light S wind

A 999 call to Solent Coastguards alerted them to a kitesurfer in difficulties offshore of the ‘Inn on the Beach.’ They requested we go to assist and so the Atlantic 85 was called into service for the second time that day, quickly located the kitesurfer who had suffered equiment failure. He had already ‘packed down’ his rig and so both he and the rig were taken on board and a check made that he was well. He was returned to the beach and the lifeboat returned to the station.


Engine on fire puts crew and dog at risk.

Boat on exercise : Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 30 March

Incident at : 11:00

Returned at :12:30

Weather : Calm with S wind

Whilst on exercise the Atlantic 85 crew spotted a motor boat in the Chichester Harbour entrance with clouds of smoke billowing from it. They went alongside and it was clear that the five crew and large dog needed to be immediately evacuated into the lifeboat. VHF calls were put out to the Coastguard, the Fire & Rescue Service and to request the D-Class lifeboat to assist. A crew member closed all the hatches onboard the casualty vessel to starve the fire of oxygen and then the crew and dog were brought ashore at the Lifeboat Station. The D-Class lifeboat put a line onto the motor boat and towed her to a position close to the Lifeboat Station to await the Fire Service.

Two fire engines arrived and the crew used their equipment to check the fire and make certain that it was out. Then the D-class lifeboat towed her to Sparkes Marina where a further more detailed inspection by the Fire Service was carried out and it was confirmed that the fire had been caused by overheating engines. With boat and crew and the dog safe the lifeboats were released to return to the station.



Windsurfer breaks his mast.

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Saturday 22 Marhc

Launched at : 14:00

Returned at : 14:19

Weather : Blustery F5 W wind and choppy seas.

A windsurfer made a 999 call having suffered a broken mast and struggling to cope. As he did not have a ‘buddy’ windsurfer nor a link to any power boat Solent Coastguard asked us to go to his assistance. The Atlantic 85 was launched and found him, took him into the lifeboat and recovered the rig. He was taken to the Lifeboat Station where after a reviving hot cuppa he was assisted in taking his rig back home.


Kayaker struggling against the tide

Boat launched : D-Class

Date : Wednesday 19 March

Launched at : 16:55

Returned at : 17:35

Weather : Fine but with a F5 SSW wind

A member of the public phoned the Coastguard concerned about a kayaker who was at the mouth of Chichester Harbour but struggling to make headway against the ebbing tide. The kayak and crew were visible from the Lifeboat Station and so the D-Class having launched reached him very quickly. They towed and then escorted him into the harbour and saw him safely ashore.


Mystery item floating off-shore

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 10 March

Launched at : 12.30

Returned at : 13:35

Weather : Fine and calm wiith an easterly F3 wind

We were asked by Solent Coastguards to go to investigate what was thought to be a trawling boom floating close to the shipping lanes. The Atlantic 85 was launched and found the item which proved to be a large plastic sheet wrapped in fishing line. The offending item was secured and towed/carried back to the shore to be disposed of.



Elderly couple cut off by the tide at Bosham.

Boat launched : D-Class

Date : Tuesday 3 March

Launched at : 13:20

Returned at : 14:40

This was an unusual ‘rescue’ for the Hayling Lifeboat to be involved with. An elderly couple drove their car to Shore Road in Bosham, and misdirected by their sat-nav met the incoming tide. Before they had time to turn round the tide had also come in behind them, and although on an ‘island’ of road they were stranded.  The D-Class lifeboat was launched and found the couple but the Coastguard Mobile Unit also arrived on the scene and helped the couple up a bank and well away from the water. The D-Class stood off and awaited the turning tide which soon ebbed away sufficiently for the couple to return to their undamaged car and drive away!



Rib with fuel problems

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 2 March

Launched at : 13:00

Returned at : 13:45

Weather : Fine with a F3 SW wind

The Atlantic 85 was launched following a call to go to a broken down rib with fuel supply problems. The boat was located to the north of Snow Hill Creek and taken in tow back to Sparkes Marina.


Kayak drifting out to sea investigated.

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 16 February

Launched at : 16:37

Returned at : 17:37

Weather : Clear and sunny with a F3 S wind.

For the second time on Sunday 16 February the Atlantic 85 was launched (see below) this time to go to investigate a kayak, reported by 999 calls to Solent Coastguards, which was drifing out of Langstone Harbour. Portsmouth Lifeboat was unable to be launched due to damage to their launching slip sustained in the violent storm on 14 February.  The lifeboat found the kayak near to the ‘pier’ close to Fort Cumberland and recovered it. There was no evidence of recent use nor of a person in the water and so it was agreed with the Coastguard that the lifeboat should return to the Hayling RNLI Station .


First shout for 2014

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 16 February

Launched at : 13:20

Returned at : 14:20

Weather : Clear and sunny with a F2 WSW wind.

Solent Coastguard asked us to launch in response to a 999 call from a rigid inflatable that had broken down and was in the surf off the W Wittering Beach. The Atlantic 85 Lifeboat was launched, very quickly found the rib and it’s three young crew and becasue they were in breaking surf and close inshore the lifeboat crew immediately rigged a towline to pull the rib off the surf and across to a safer position opposite the Lifeboat Station. A crew member went aboard the rib and checked to make sure the water in the boat was from wave action and not a damaged hull. An alongside tow was rigged and the boat and crew taken to Sparkes Marina and advice given about wearing life jackets. The rib was handed over to the Coastguard team who arranged a commercial tow from Hayling Rescue back to Thorney Island Sailing Club. The lifeboat returned to the station where before long it was needed again (see above).


Service Numbers 2019

Total Launches: 84
Atlantic 85: 42
D-Class: 42

Services Totals

2015 - 67
2014 -77
2013 - 86
2012 - 77

Tide Times

Tide Times & Heights for Chichester Harbour (Entrance) on Tuesday, 22 September 2020
High Tide: 03:21 ( 4.80m )
Low Tide: 08:46 ( 0.80m )
High Tide: 15:49 ( 4.80m )
Low Tide: 21:09 ( 1.00m )

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