Services 2013

2013 Services

Kayakers get ashore unaided after a capsize.

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Saturday 20 July

Launched at : 09:55

Returned at : 10:15

Weather : Fine but with a choppy sea and a F4 NE wind.

Two kayakers, a lady and her child, were fishing off Beachlands and were seen to capsize and struggle to right the boat. Responding to a call from the Solent Coastguard we reached the area quickly but found that both had reached the shore and that a third person who swam out to help had also returned exhausted but safe. A crew member was landed to ensure that they did not need medical assistance and the lifeboat then returned to the station.



‘Solar Heritage’ trip goes up in smoke

Boats Launched : Atlantic 85 and D-class

Date : Friday 12 July

Launched at : 19:50

Returned at : 21:10

Weather : Lovely evening with SE Force 2 breeze

On the evening of Friday 12 July Hayling Island RNLI Lifeboats went to the aid of the Chichester Harbour Conservancy vessel ‘Solar Heritage’  on a birthday trip for local resident 50 year old Mr Smaller.

On a lovely summer evening 15 guests of Mr Smaller including his son Laurence who is a Harbour Patrol Officer, set off in the sunshine to enjoy a peaceful cruise on Chichester Harbour. Suddenly one of the two low HP electric engines on the solar powered Aquabus C60 catamaran began to produce clouds of smoke. The crew put out a Mayday call and Solent Coastguard requested the Hayling lifeboats to respond.

Both the Atlantic 85 and the D-Class lifeboats went to the scene and found ‘Solar Heritage’ close to the Camber Beacon limping back under the power of one engine towards Itchenor. In case any further fire occurred the 15 passengers were all evacuated onto the Atlantic 85. Senior Helm Colin Parkes said ‘When we arrived the passengers were very pleased to see us. They were all wearing lifejackets and rather enjoyed being evacuated to the lifeboat. One guest said this would be a birthday party they would never forget!’

When Frank Dunster who operates as Hayling Rescue arrived, eight of the birthday guests were taken onto his rib who took them to Itchenor Pontoon. Both lifeboats then escorted the Aquabus back to Itchenor and the remaining passengers were put ashore. The catamaran was met by Selsey Coastguards and the West Sussex Fire & Rescue service who went aboard to confirm that there was no fire in the engine compartment. So an exciting evening for the birthday party and one fortunately with no serious consequences.



Kite Surfer recovered and a dinghy investigated

Boat launched : D-Class

Date : Monday 8 July

Launched at : 17:45

Returned at : 18:17

Weather : Hot and sunny with an ENE gusty Force 5 wind.

Late on Monday afternoon a kite surfer was rescued having found the NE Force 5 wind a bit challenging and in difficulties off Eastoke Corner. The lifeboat took him and his rig ashore and was returning when they spotted a plastic boat some way offshore on East Pole Sands. On investigation however it proved to be empty so they searched back to the shore and found no casualty.

So a weekend of incidents (and see previous two posts) but happily no-one hurt or injured and some sea-safety lessons learnt from some of the events.


Hectic July Summer Sunday

Boats launched : Atlantic 85 and D-Class

Date : Sunday 7 July

Launched at : 13:18

Returned at : 14:40

Weather : Hot and sunny with a SW Force 2 wind.

Sunday 7 July brought crowds to the W Wittering beach and early in the afternoon an 8 year old boy went missing and was still not found after an hour. Both Hayling lifeboats were launched and went to the scene but Selsey Coastguards found the young man. As the lifeboats turned to go however, a 3 year old was reported as missing and so the two boats started a search along the shore. The helmsman on the Atlantic 85 spotted a child answering the description on the beach and so the smaller D-Class lifeboat went to investigate and a crewmember confirmed that this was the young child. The crew member stayed with him until a coastguard arrived to take him safely to his parents. Whilst this was happening another missing child incident was reported but they were quickly found and so the lifeboats turned for home again. En-route back however they found two teenagers in a small plastic boat already half a mile offshore and being taken out further by the tide. The crew took them onboard and returned them and their boat back to the shore.


Yacht blocks VHF Channel 16 for 2 hours

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Saturday 6 July

Launched at : 17:14

Returned at : 18:16

Weather : Fine and warm with a SW Force 3 wind

A yacht which left Chichester Harbour had been transmitting continuously on Channel 16 blocking all other calls in the Eastern Solent area for nearly two hours, when the Coastguard asked us to launch and to find the vessel. The Atlantic 85 was launched and by this time the yacht was in Hayling Bay and only transmitting intermittently. Other monitoring stations identified its probable position as being near No Mans Land Fort and soon the yacht was identified. The lifeboat crew made them aware of the problem and they took immediate action to stop transmitting. The yacht went on its way and the lifeboat returned to the station.


Ketch struggles with sails in a gusty wind.

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Friday 28 June

Launched at : 19:56

Returned at : 21:20

Weather : Fine but with a F5 gusting WNW wind

A 31ft ketch lost control of its jib sail and so anchored 600m south of the Coastguard station. The Coastguard requested that we assist and so the Atlantic 85 was launched. On reaching the vessel a crewman went on board and with the crew managed to furl the errant jib. The yacht was then escorted into the harbour and to Sparkes Marina.


Kite surfer in a tangle

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 23 June

Launched at : 09:15

Returned at : 09:30

Weather : Fine with a F4 W wind

The Atlantic 85, requested by the Coastguard, went to assist a kite surfer in trouble who had become entangled with his rig. His ‘buddy’ had phoned for help saying he was off Eastoke Point. He had in fact drifted into the harbour mouth and was only 100m south of the RNLI station, so we quickly reached him and recovered both kite surfer and his rig and returned them to the station. He was collected by his ‘buddy’ after being checked over for any injuries.


Speedboat runs out of fuel.

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Friday 21 June

Launched at : 21:00

Returned at : 21:25

Weather : Fine and with a slight sea and a F4 SW wind.

Solent Coastguard apologetically called out the lifeboat to a casualty motor boat anchored in the north of the harbour. They had tried alternative towing agencies without success and so the Atlantic 85 was launched. Rather than tow the speedboat the Station was able to obtain a mobile number, checked on the fuel type needed and took a can of 2 stroke for the boat to use. The two crew were both grateful and embarrassed at having to call out the RNLI and gave a generous donation for the fuel which quickly had them on their way home into Langstone Harbour.



Yacht catches fishing lines.

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Thursday 20 June

Launched at : 15:27

Returned at : 16:50

Weather : Fine and a slight sea with a SSW F1 wind

A 40ft yacht unfortunately caught lobster pot lines around its propeller 5 miles south of the Station. Due to the light wind this rendered the yacht fairly helpless and the Coastguard called out the lifeboat. The Atlantic 85 reaches the yacht quickly and a crew member went overboard and freed the rope from the prop so that the yacht was able to start its engine and continue its journey. Senior helm Colin Parke said ‘ The crew were very grateful and apologetic, but it can happen to anyone in the bay and we were pleased to assist.’


Young Lady threatening to take her own life.

Boats launched : Atlantic 85 and D-Class

Date : Friday 14 June

Launched at : 04:40

Returned at : 07:07

Weather : SW F4 wind and with good visibility.

Solent Coastguard requested the launch of both lifeboats to start a search for a missing 24 year old female who had previously tried to take her own life earlier in the day and had been sectioned.   She had gone missing at 02:30 and the police had been looking for her.   It was reported that she might have entered the sea at Beachlands. Both lifeboats launched and proceeded to Beachlands and started a parallel search heading west towards Langstone Harbour Entrance and then to the East.  Coastguard and Police units including search dogs searched the shoreline and park areas.

The Police pinged her mobile phone and gave a position in the area of Gunner Point to Sinah Warren and so the Atlantic 85 started to search that area whilst the D-Class was tasked to go into Langstone Harbour and search off Sinah Warren and the Kench. Information came through that the casualty had a small dog with her and her phone was still working, although it was not being answered and so at just before 7 am, having found no-one, the lifeboats were stood down.

The Coastguard continued to text her, and she eventually replied that she was staying at a friends house but would not say where, so the matter was handed back to the Police Force.



Children in trouble

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Saturday 8 June

Launched at : 13:50

Returned at : 14:30

Weather : Fine and sunny with a F4 NW wind

The Atlantic was called out to a lad in a small inflatable dinghy rapidly being blown off the shore at W Wittering but before we reached him he had been helped back by other boats around. We were then alerted however to a missing 4 year old who had been close to the sea at groyne 17 at W Wittering. The Atlantic began a search but happily the child was found on the beach and so the lifeboat returned to the station.


Another busy Bank Holiday weekend

Launches : Atlantic 85 twice and D-Class twice

Dates : Saturday June 1 & Sunday June 2

Launched at : 17:15 and 23:15

Returned at : 18:30 & 23:40

Weather : Fine and clear with F4 N and NE winds

On Saturday afternoon a child went missing at W Wittering beach but was found safe on the beach almost as soon as the D-class boat was launched. Not long later that afternoon a small speedboat was seen to be drifting to the West off the Witterings beach. The Atlantic 85 went to search and after a while found the casualty just inside the harbour mouth. The boats engine had fallen off but the crew had recovered it as the control cables stopped it from sinking. A crew member was put on board and agreed that the engine was not going to function! The lifeboat helm decided to tow the vessel back to Itchenor where it was handed over to the Selsey Coastguard.

On the Sunday late at night the Coastguard requested a launch to a person in Mill Rythe Creek up to their chest in the water. The Atlantic 85 was launched but due to the state of the tide and the nature of the creek the D-Class also went to assist in case the person was in shallow water. Neither boat however was needed as the Hayling Coastguard reported to us that the casualty was now ashore and in an ambulance so both boats returned to the station.




Yacht suffers a broken rudder

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Saturday 18 May

Launched at : 14:47

Returned at : 16:13

Weather : Calm and fine with a F4 SW wind

A 39ft Swan sailing yacht on passage from Bosham Quay reached a position 2nm south west of West Pole Beacon when its rudder broke and jammed hard to starboard. The crew of 5 men and a women contacted Solent Coastguard who asked us to assist and so the Atlantic 85 was launched. Once at the yacht the crew confirmed the jammed rudder and an alongside tow was set up since the boat would be impossible to tow in a  straight line  with a normal bridle tow. In fact the Altantic 85 had a job making a straight course for the harbour and employed one engine in forward drive and the other in reverse to counteract the turning motion of the yacht.They made it however and safely towed the yacht and crew into Sparkes Marina where it was met by the Coastguards, and the Atlantic then returned to the lifeboat station.


Busy May Bank Holiday Monday

Boats launched : Atlantic 85 and D-Class

Date : Monday 6 May

Launched at :  Atlantic 85 12:48 and 22:09

D-Class 13:29

Returned at : Atlantic 15:20 and 23:09

D-Class 14:02

Weather : Fine and bright with a SSE F3 wind in the afternoon which had died to a SSE F1 at night.

The day started with a 5 metre motor boat with an adult and a young child on board. The boat had electrical failure so Solent Coastguard requested that we go to a position 1 mile south of Hayling in the bay. The Atlantic 85 was launched and soon found the casualty and took the young child on board the lifeboat, transferring a crew member onto the motor boat. A tow was set and the stricken vessel was towed towards Sparkes Marina with an arrangement for the Harbour patrol vessel to take the boat back to Northney Marina later on.

As the lifeboat and towed boat entered the harbour another call for the Atlantic was received so the D-Class was launched and took over the towed vessel to take it to Sparkes. The youngster was also transferred to the D-class which returned to the station when it had safely delivered them to the marina.

The new problem was a vessel with engine failure off the Nab Tower and in the main shipping channel, which with the Bembridge lifeboat already out on another service, meant Hayling lifeboat could reach them quickest. A fog bank was also closing in on the area and the vessel had an adult and a child on board. The Atlantic crew once on scene could not immediately see the casualty but by asking them to give a 1-10 count on their VHF were able to locate them using the RDF set. A  crew member went on board and set up a tow and the crew began to take the vessel back to Chichester Harbour. Sea Start had been contacted by the skipper and they had arranged to take over the tow which they duly did as the lifeboat had already been asked to deal with a further incident!

This next issue was to take over a tow from the Bembridge all-weather lifeboat. A 6 metre motor boat with a rope around its propeller and rudder had floundered on the Bembridge Ledge. It was arranged to meet 1 mile S of the Chichester Bar where the tow was taken over and the motor boat and crew safely taken to Sparkes Marina where they were met by the Hayling Coastguard. The Atlantic then returned to the station some hours after setting out.

The day was however not over as late at night a family contacted the Coastguard worried about their relatives who were well overdue from a day out in their boat. The Coastguard had already put out a PAN PAN call to all vessels and had made an extensive shore line search as far west as Hill Head. The casualties eventually contacted the Coastguard using a mobile phone and said they thought they were in Chichester Harbour at the top of the Emsworth Channel and that they had broken down. The Atlantic 85 was launched and soon found the crew clinging to the Emsworth Beacon. They took them in tow to Northney Marina where they were met, not harmed by their adventures by the Hayling Coastguard. The Atlantic 85 once again returned to the station where the crews were pleased to have had a successful and worthwhile day and also glad to be going home to their beds.


Yacht ‘Ciconia’ rescued.

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Saturday 4 May

Launched at : 13:52

Returned at : 14:56

Weather : Strong F7 WSW wind.

On Saturday 4 May the 26ft yacht ‘Ciconia’ lost engine power and was being driven towards rocks at East Wittering in a Force 7 WSW wind. On passage to Birdham pool in Chichester Harbour, the yacht faced a difficult entrance in the windy conditions and a very lumpy sea driven by the strong cross wind. Whilst attempting to tackle this with the engine running and a jib set, the propeller became fouled by a rope and so the then relatively helpless yacht started drifting towards the Wittering shore. The skipper put out a MAYDAY call and Solent Coastguards responded by calling out both Hayling RNLI Lifeboat and the Portsmouth RNLI lifeboat which was already on exercise off Langstone harbour.

Shortly after the launch of the Hayling lifeboat the Coastguard lost VHF contact with the yacht but after a little time, with the lifeboats searching to the East of Hayling, the skipper made a 999 call on his mobile and reported that he was near some rocks about a mile offshore and could see a windmill. The lifeboat team surmised that the vessel was near the Hounds Reef in Bracklesham Bay and so both lifeboats continued to search to the East of Chichester Harbour entrance.

Portsmouth lifeboat located the yacht and put a crewmember on board who made sure that no-one needed medical attention and that the boat was sound and not taking on water. Hayling Lifeboat then put a crewmember on board and together they rolled away the jib sail and prepared a tow line. The Portsmouth crew returned to his lifeboat and the Hayling lifeboat then took the vessel in tow. Heading through a difficult sea and into a head wind they reached the safety of the harbour and took ‘Ciconia’ into Sparkes Marina (pictured) where she was made secure.


Two incidents in quick succession

Boats launched : D-Class and Atlantic 85 diverted from exercise

Date : Wednesday 1 May

Launched at : 19:45 (and Atlantic already on exercise)

Returned at : 20:18

Weather : clear and cold with a F4 NE wind

Shortly after launching on an exercise the D-Class lifeboat saw a HISC safety boat waving for assistance after suffering engine failure. The lifeboat went alongside, established a tow and returned the boat to HISC.

Before it could return to its planned exercise Solent Coastguards had contacted the Station with a report from the W Sussex Fire Service that two people were stuck in the mud off the Anchor Blue Pub in Bosham. The D-Class was sent to investigate and was joined by the Atlantic 85, also diverted from an exercise. Both lifeboats arrived at the scene but quickly found the two potential casualties walking along the sea wall having made it ashore. The coastguard was informed and both boats were stood down and returned to the station.




Elderly man walks into the water

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Tuesday 30 April

Launched at : 10:10

Returned at : 10:40

Weather : Calm and clear but cold with a F4 NNE

A fully clothed man was seen to walk into the Sea at East Wittering. The Police were informed who then contacted the  coastguard and they paged the lifeboat.When the lifeboat arrived on scene the elderly gentleman was being assisted up the beach by first responders. A crewman was put ashore just as the ambulance arrived but his assistance was not required. The Lifeboat then returned to station and was made ready for service.


Capsize in Fowey Rythe

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Saturday 27 April

Launched at : 13:32

Returned at : 14:22

Weather : Cold but clear with a F6 NNE wind

A member of the public made a 999 call about a capsized vessel, thought to be a catamaran, with a person in the water waving for help. They were in Fowey Rythe just off the Emsworth Channel. Solent Coastguard requested we launch and the Atlantic 85 was sent to investigate but as it reached the area further information was relayed that the dinghy had been righted and the helm was sailing it back to Emsworth SC.

The lifeboat located the dinghy, in fact a Laser 400, and made sure that no-one on board needed medical help. They then returned to the station.


Searching for a kayaker in trouble.

Boats launched : Atlantic 85 and D-Class

Date : Sunday 14 April

Launched at : 17:53

Returned at : 18:05

Weather : Clear but with a F4 SSW wind

A 999 call was made to the Solent Coastguard to alert them to a kayaker in difficulties, who it was thought might become detached from his kayak. The position of the kayaker was said to be off Itchenor and so the Atlantic 85 was launched and set off towards Itchenor but as the crew were passing East Head the Coastguard relayed an update that the casualty was off West Wittering. The Launch Authority phoned the coastguard to check on the information received and since the two possible locations were so far apart he launched the D-class lifeboat since it can come further inshore off the Witterings and sent it to search for a possible second casualty.

After a brief period of time and an initial search the coastguard informed us that the kayaker had made it ashore between West Wittering and East Head where he had been met by the Selsey CG Mobile Unit. Both lifeboats therefore returned to the station.


Kite Surfer in trouble.

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Friday 12 April

Launched at :

Returned at :

Weather : good visibility with a F5 WSW wind.

A member of the public alerted the Solent Coastguard to a windsurfer in difficulties in Hayling Bay. His kite had blown inside-out and the lines were entangled round the chute. The Atlantic 85 was launched but could not find a casualty and discovered that two paddle boarders had helped the kite surfer ashore, and that he had been met by the CG Mobile Unit.

The lifeboat therefore returned to the station.


Suspected overdose near Itchenor.

Boats launched : Atlantic 85 and D-Class

Date : Monday 8 April  (& into Tuesday 9 April )

Launched at : 22:43

Returned at : 00:50

Weather : Calm conditions with a Force 4 Easterly wind.

Solent Coastguard were contacted by a concerned solicitor worried about his client who lives on-board a boat in Chichester Harbour between Itchenor and Dell Quay. The client had said he was taking 70 paracetamol tablets. Solent Coastguard requested we launch to search for the live-aboard who had been advised to row ashore to the pub at Dell Quay. The Atlantic 85 and D-class started at Itchenor and worked their way up to Dell Quay and beyond as far as the tide allowed but found no sign of the casualty. They then started a detailed search of any boats with occupants on board but could not find the man concerned.

After nearly 2 hours searching the man was discovered by police in the centre of Chichester and so both boats were stood down and returned to the station.


Yacht breaks mast in harbour entrance.

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Friday 29 March

Launched at : 13.51

Returned at : 14:50

Weather : Cold and clear with a F4 biting easterly wind

The yacht ‘Jayllo’ was on passage from Chichester Marina to Cowes when she suffered a broken mast in the mouth of Chichester Harbour. Solent Coastguard asked us to go to her assistance and the Atlantic 85 was launched. On arriving at the scene we found the casualty vessels broken mast and associated sails and rigging were hanging over the stern of the boat preventing the owner from using the engine and so the yacht was drifting and in danger of going aground.

Lifeboat crew went on board ‘Jayllo’ and with the help of the owner were able to cut away the shrouds and halyards and recover the broken gear onto the deck of the yacht and secure it. The yacht was then able to start it’s engine and the lifeboat escorted her back into the harbour. The lifeboat contacted the harbour patrol and they took over the escort role to return ‘Jayllo’ to Chichester Marina. The Atlantic 85 then returned to the Station to be made ready for further service.


Gallant crew to the rescue.

Boat launched: Atlantic 85

Date : Wednesday 20 February

Launched at : On exercise and diverted at 16:30

Returned at : 16.55

Weather : Calm but with a Force 5 biting E wind.

The Atlantic 85 was on a training exercise with an RNLI Trainer when they saw a capsized dinghy with two lady crew members in the water. The two ladies were having difficulty righting their boat so the lifeboat went to their aid. The dagger board on the dinghy had become jammed so the lifeboat went alongside and assisted in righting the dinghy and then brought it ashore at Hayling Island Sailing Club.

The lifeboat then resumed its training exercise.


Sailing Dinghy in trouble

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 10 February

Launched at : Already on exercise and diverted at 11:33

Returned at : 11:50

Weather : Cold with rain and sleet and a SE F5/7 wind.

The Atlantic 85 was returning to the station after an exercise when the crew saw a capsized sailing dinghy with two people in the water.   The sailing club safety boat was single manned and was having difficulty in righting it.    The lifeboat put one crew member on board the safety boat to assist in righting the dinghy and then the crew put back on board.  The RNLI crew member was taken back on board the lifeboat and the dinghy escorted back  to Hayling Island Sailing Club.

The lifeboat returned to the station and was made ready for further service.


Spitfire Catamaran rescued.

Boat launched : Atlantic 85

Sptifire cat being towed in

Date : Sunday 3 February

Launched at : 12:00

Returned at : 12:45

Weather : Cold but dry with a WSW F6 wind

The crew of the Atlantic 85 had just completed a training exercise and were on shore when Solent Coastguard telephoned the station to request a launch to an up turned small racing catamaran in the entrance to Chichester Harbour.
Hayling Island Sailing Club were training with Spitfire Cats in Hayling Bay. One capsized and the crew were unable to right the boat and they became ill so one of the club rescue boats took them ashore.
The lifeboat was launched to the abandoned catamaran where they were joined by a club rescue boat with 2 experienced sailors. By this time the mast had hit the bottom and broken so after a number of failed attempts at righting the cat one of the lifeboat crew entered the water with a pair of bolt croppers to cut away the mast and rigging. The mast and rigging was dragged onto the lifeboat while the sailors and club rescue boat righted the catamaran and towed it back to Hayling Island Sailing Club. The lifeboat returned the rig to the Sailing Club and then returned to the lifeboat station to be made ready for further service.



First ‘Shout’ for 2013

Boat Launched : Atlantic 85

Date : Sunday 27 January

Launched at :  On exercise, tasked at 11:20

Returned at : 12:30

Weather : Fine with a F6/7 W wind

A report was received by Solent Coastguards about a person who was threatening suicide near to the caravan site NW of Selsey Bill. As the Atlantic 85 was already on exercise and fairly close to this area it was tasked to search a short distance off shore for the casualty. The CG Rescue helicopter was also tasked to search, and did so together with the Coastguard shore team.

After an hour’s search and finding no-one in trouble, the lifeboat was stood down and returned to the station. As it did so a report was received that the casualty had been found in a local public house. The lifeboat was made ready for further service.


Service Numbers 2019

Total Launches: 84
Atlantic 85: 42
D-Class: 42

Services Totals

2015 - 67
2014 -77
2013 - 86
2012 - 77

Tide Times

Tide Times & Heights for Chichester Harbour (Entrance) on Monday, 21 September 2020
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High Tide: 15:01 ( 5.00m )
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